7 Reasons Why Happy Couples Hardly Share Their Relationship Statuses on Social Media


Couple selfies, status updates are way too much a part of social media these days. PDA on media platforms has become a way to publicize relationships among people. Couples find it very intriguing and feel that they are rendering relationship goals to many. But, what’s actually bothersome is the reality of their relationship.

When you tend to meet such couples who post about everything they do, their conversations, their meetings, their private time, you find their relationship void and they are on the verge of walking apart.

Northwestern University has dug out 7 reasons to claim why happy couples share their private space less on social media:

1) They’re trying to believe that things are fine between them.

Couples who post updates of their love, pictures, romance, etc. do so to make others believe that they are happy-go-lucky and content with their partner. More than convincing others for the same, they tend to convince themselves that everything is fine between them, refraining to accept the reality. Also, the positive comments that they get might make them believe that they are meant to be irrespective of the problems that they are hiding from the world.

2) Social bees are narcissistic or psychopathic

Researches show that the frequency with which you post pictures on social media, editing them to beautify yourself, the more narcissistic you are. It turns even more pathetic when self-obsession leads to being a psychopathic. Professor Brad Bushman declares that narcissists are very bad partners for a long-term relationship.

3) Social media isn’t a hindrance to their happy times

The couples who enjoy each other’s company do not find time to post a picture when they are on an outing or the like. They tend to live the moment and generally post pictures, if any once they get back home after living the moment perfectly.

4) Insecurity makes you post more

As per studies conducted on various individuals, insecure individuals post a lot with their partner. They might feel it’s necessary to claim their partner on media in order to keep them going.

5) Arguments shouldn’t go on air

Privacy is an important element of keeping up the relationship to its very best. Never advertise your argument in front of anyone, giving them a source for gossip. Keep it a private discussion.

6)  Proofs aren’t for them

The people who are actually happy and content in their relationship do not keep social media as the base of their relationship. They don’t rely on the feedback from social media to show a green flag to their relationship. They are enough happy and satisfied with what they have and do not need remarks for the same.

7)  Life is much satisfactory off Facebook

Researches prove that people who stay off Facebook find life as more content and satisfactory. This can be attributed to the fact that with social media, cheating, doubting, etc. has a paved way. Before the advent of such media platforms, people were more secure of their relationships and also their lives.