7 reasons to change from WhatsApp to Google Allo


Our lives, busy as they seem, are usually over-reliant on the technology stored up in 5-inch beasts which control all most every aspect of our social, personal and professional life. Keeping in mind all these, all most companies are looking to optimise the user experience and have started using almost every trick available, from voice bots (Siri and Cortana) to chatbot-esque assistants. Google, though not new to the messaging services (Remember the turtle-paced Hangouts which would take like almost forever to load your chats), recently revealed their new app “Allo”, to claim a foothold in a market having more than a billion daily users.

WhatsApp, until now had been virtually unchallenged, with apps like WeChat, telegram, Hike messenger falling along the way, has finally found itself a worthy competitor and we will give you seven equally good reasons why you must make the switch to Allo in this new tech battle for supremacy.

1. The Google Effect


Believe it or not, but Google (or rather Alphabet) does possess the Midas touch. They took the Search Engine segment by storm and singlehandedly toppled Yahoo! search. Same happened with the E-mail segment (again running over Yahoo mail sans mercy), Artificial Intelligence (remember Deepmind Technologies defeating Lee Sedol in Go), and whatever they chose to expand into, they usually gave their competitors a run for their money, before eventually running them over. This thought definitely would have been giving Jan Koum some sleepless nights.

2. In-message search


One thing that definitely bothers each one of us is the fact that whenever someone mentions about a place we need to check out or a video someone just recommended to you, we need to close the WhatsApp App and open the browser app but this hassle is omitted with Allo. You just need to type “@google”, and swish, you can ask it almost anything you want to and it would provide you with the suggestions or links or whatever the Google assitant deems relevant.

3. Automatic Responses

Ever fear missing out replying to someone just because you are in the middle of something really important and only have bare seconds. Don’t fret anymore, Allo would do it for you. Armed with machine learning, it would learn from your previous responses to various types of questions and would provide you with multiple automatically generated responses to send across. Cool, ain’t it?!

4. Gmail Account Sync


Half of the world runs on Gmail. Nearly 80% people use Gmail email addresses to login into their FB accounts. Also, once you sync it with your emails, it will go through your emails and all the other information you have ever fed to your google accounts and give you important updates like a scheduled flight, meetings etc.

5. Image Recognition

Google seems to have hit the ground running with artificial intelligence.This feature can easily distinguish the features of a picture you just received and also provide you with apt responses. For instance, someone sent you a picture of their baby, Allo will automatically suggest words like “cute” or “beautiful” as for you send across as a response, depending on the frequency of your specific use of a certain word.

6. Incognito mode and selective end-to-end encryption


Security in communication is of the utmost importance to all of us.It’s based on the company’s open signal protocol and is designed to offer a seamless and secure chatting experience. It does so with its Incognito mode. This mode offers end-to-end encryption and even allows you set a timer to delete your chat after a period of time specified by you. Also, if a user receives a message in the incognito mode, its contents would not be displayed on the lock screen.

7. Whisper and Shout


In a bid to express oneself better(something that I believe is sincerely lacking in this form of communication), Google has incorporated two slider buttons-“Whisper” and “Slider” to decrease and increase the font respectively. It is also armed with a wider array of emojis and stickers and also lets you scribble on pictures before sending them across.