7 Odd Things About America That Americans Have Been Doing All Along


There is no place as best like the USA as per Americans, yup that is what they believe. However, not everyone thinks the same! Just ask any foreign visitors, and you get to know how they see the whole the USA from an extremely different angle. Here are some of the American things that seem super-weird to the people overseas.

Here are some of the American things that seem super-weird to the people overseas.

1. Tipping all the time.


Tipping when you go out to a place for dining is very common in America, no matter how expensive the food will be tipping is a must. If you’re in the USA and you don’t tip well, you can be treated as a Villian here.

Mostly when Americans visit overseas where there is no such rule people have to remind them not to tip extra as it is already included in the price.

2. An early dinner.


Most American families love to have their dinner between 6-6:30 which is not common practice in other countries where people have their dinner till 9. Thus people overseas find this little weird.

3. The Star-spangled everything

American flag

People of the U.S are very proud one, which they sometimes show in a very strange way like putting American flags on everything and everywhere they think they can- whether it’s coffee mugs, bumper stickers, face paint, etc. I mean like really? Why do you need to do this? Trust me you totally scare away outsiders by doing that.

5. Sales tax surprise


If you have stayed in U.S all your life, then this one will surely make you crazy. Almost in most of the countries, retailers found out the sales tax and added onto the price tag. But in U.S, you’re not sure what the total cost will be until you proceed for the final bill. I mean isn’t this is a mess up? If you’re an outsider definitely before buying anything you should learn some mathematics from the local.

6. College sports is as professional entertainment

American sports

Well, in U.S there might be any colleges which are not indulged in sports. They treat college sports into a professional entertainment industry, and they are known to be best in that.

7. Slang doesn’t translate

American Slangs

American are ever born with slangs; they add complexities to the standard abbreviations which totally baffles non-natives.