7 Lesson By Mithila Palkar’s TEDx Talk Is What Every Millennial Struggler Should Follow


Sometimes in some situation, all of us face hurdles in our lives. Some of us just give up while some without skipping go through the all the hard rocks. It is not necessary that everything will work according to our plan, sometimes we have to welcome those unexpected things to get the cat out of the box.

For that “It is Okay not to have a plan,” says actress Mithila Palker during her first TEDx Talk at NIT Silchar, Assam.

Miss Palker in her first talk spoke about the journey of her life and how she succeeded to stand at that level. And this bubbly girl we see in her web series ends up giving some important lesson for all the millennial struggler who is going through the same path!

Lesson No. 1: “Let me tell you not a lot of those auditions actually translated into offers but they turned out to be a fantastic learning experience for me. It was not just for my skills, it was because also learnt to build resilience”

Lesson No. 2: “You will have to find an alternative, you will have to hustle, nothing is going to come easy”

Lesson No. 3: “Failure makes it very easy to give up and if failure strikes multiple times it becomes even easier”

Lesson No. 4: “When I witnessed actors perform on stage, I realised that that’s where I want to be. I realised I wanted to be a storyteller. I wanted to be the story”

Lesson No. 5: “But this is the same family that conditioned me to believe that mantra to live a successful ‘ideal’ life is you grow up, you graduate and you find a ‘decent’ job”

Lesson No. 6: “Life happens to you when you are busy planning other things”

Lesson No. 7: It’s OK to not have a plan

#Listen to Mithila Palkar’s life lesson here!

Nothing is under your control except your own actions so just go and go!!

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