7 hacks to make your life easier in College !


When we were in our 12th class, we were told that college would be just plain sailing so we were repeatedly asked to put in all the hard work there and then and then expect a nirvana waiting for us in College. But once you are in College, life again does a full U-turn and always seems to find a way to mess up your life just enough. Whether it is the attendance, last date for submitting your assignment or remembering that all-important birthday of your significant one, life can get really hard for the people who do not in any way wish to use their pampered brains.

So, to make it just a tad bit easier for you, we decided to provide you some amazing college hacks-

1. Place your cell phone in a big jar before you go sleep


So when your alarm goes off the next morning, it will be a bit too loud for you to even consider ignoring it as all your neighbors would be out of their rooms and queuing outside yours to ask you to shut it. In a similar manner, if you want to host a dormitory party but do not have a speaker, opt for a bigger jar the size of a pitcher of a beer to get good sound, and yes make sure the jar is not full of beer already.

2. Write down your daily to-do list on the windowpane


College makes you lazy! And that is almost always true. SO if you want to beat your procrastinating half and really want to accomplish the task you set for the day, write down everything on the window pane near your bed with a whiteboard marker. In this manner, your to-do list would always be around the corner in blue or black hideous ink peeping at you! Add to that the dopamine rush that you get when you strike off a task you just managed to complete. This thing was the sole reason why I passed even a single semester in college.

3. The Pomodoro technique


Have an exam but are not able to give in the required time and feel tired just after studying for an hour, then this technique is just for you. Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, this technique requires you to study in short bursts for around twenty-five minutes and then take a 5-minute break. In this manner, you will be able to study a lot better and for longer durations without getting tired. Also, there are loads of good apps available to complement you during this exercise (We prefer GoodTimes. You can vary the time limit according to whatever suits you the best)

4. Virtual Proxy Network(VPN)


Usually college Wifis are configured in such a manner that you would not be allowed to access certain websites, which sometimes include gaming website or a website to movie streaming due to excessive data usage allowed (and ahem ahem, the websites you were not officially meant to use). But when was the world last bereft of wise men? Download a VPN app or Psiphon Pro from the playstore and you are good to go! You can even choose the country from where you want access the internet (Usuallly Netherlands has the best connection). Also use it while making online payments, that is a life hack.


5. “Yaar attendance na short padh jaye?!”


Usually, almost every college has an attendance criteria somewhere around 75% and sometimes students feel the heat hanging around that barrier. There are several apps available on the play store where you just need to add your timetable and the app will take care of everything. Our favorite in called Pocket Attendance and is available for free. Developed by IIT- Bombay undergraduates, they sure new the best solution for this hack.

6. How much preparation is just enough?


Done preparing for your exam but do not feel confident enough? Have you always felt that your friends are always better prepared than you are? Or are you simply done with your parents passing you jibes for your consistent poor scores (I too, know that feeling)We might have something for you! Try googling “site:edu [subject] exam” before your exam. You’ll get a bunch of college exams from the same course being taught in various universities across the world. This is actually a good way to quiz yourself before the actual exam and tell your parents for the last time that you are as good as Sharmaji’s son.

7. Just before that College party


Your college life is as much gonna be about parties as it would be about other things. But before you hit any party, make sure you consume a bottle of Gatorade as it will prevent a head splliting hangover and let you attend that lecture where your attendance is, umm not upto the mark. A hangover usually happens when there is not enough water in your body to run your kerbs cycle (Remember Charles Herman from A Beautiful Mind), thereby disturbing your electrolytic balance, but Gatorade just about take cares of that. Also never drink on an empty stomach,