7 Gadgets You Should Definitely Buy If You Love Travelling


Who doesn’t love travelling? I am sure most of you here are travel freaks. There are some travel gadgets you must definitely have while travelling. These gadgets will make your life simple and your trip memorable. Check out this list of 7 most travel-friendly gadgets which you must definitely own.

1.Yi Camera


Yi camera can help you record all your sports activities.Go pro is definitely the best brand in the market but high price takes it out of reach of lower income groups. This is the time when Yi Camera comes in handy. It is a perfect alternative to Go Pro. It is easy-to-use and compact. It delivers very high-quality images and shoots high-definition videos.

2.Waterproof Smartphone Case



Heavens forbid if anything goes wrong with your smartphone! It is important to use a very high-quality waterproof smartphone case while you travel. The Tarkan waterproof pouch comes with IPX8 technology. Its Air Bladder technology, as the name suggests, keeps your device floating on water in case of any accidental slip. Take my advice, go and get one for yourself NOW!

3.Monopod Stick



This is not a must-have gadget but keeping one during any tour can make your life easier. Opt for a 3-in-1 mount which can be used with any camera. This 3-in-1 mount can act as a tripod, an extension arm and a camera grip. A monopod stick is lightweight, durable and portable.

4.Gadget Organizer


Every gizmos freak must have a gadget organizer. It is specially designed to hold gizmos with proper management. This organizer makes it easy to handle all the items ranging from iPod and iPhone to cables and power banks. It will keep all your gadgets in one place. This can avoid unnecessary hassles and tension.

5.Wall Adapter


You don’t just need a wall adapter. You need a wall adapter with four to eight ways. An adapter with USB ports will be an added advantage. You can easily find a suitable wall adapter in the market. However, utmost care must be taken while choosing as the local stuff may blow off easily if you plug in more than 4 devices at once. The best wall adapter will be the one which allows you to connect your devices with ports without blocking any port.

6.Multi USB  Charging Cable


You can easily find these in the market. One cable lead has 4-5 different heads for different charging sockets of varied items. This Multi USB charging cable can charge iPhones and other smartphones. You can simply connect your smartphone to your laptop or PC or TV.

7.Noise Minimizing Earphones



What can be more soothing than music after a whole day of traveling? In case you want a more modern option, buy earphones with latest Bluetooth model. This will provide stable signal and faster transmission.

The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive. You can always increase the number of gadgets as per your personal preferences. IPod, fitness band, wireless speakers, an accessory kit for camera etc. are some other travel gadgets which you can include in your must-have or wishlist.