7 Different Types Of Kisses And What They Actually Mean!!


Between two loving hearts, a kiss is a way of communication. It’s the best way to send a message to your partner along with powerful and sensual means to express love and affection. There are millions of kissing styles and types of kisses around this world. Some of them we know and some we don’t. But do you know the meaning of kiss you actually practice?

Here are 7 different kind of kisses and what they mean!

1. The French kiss

It is an extremely intimate type of kiss in which the tongues of both people’s touches each other that is why it is also known as tongue kissing. If you have reached to French kissing phase then it is the next stage of your relationship and sex life as well.

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2. The passionate Liplock

A lip-lock is the basic stage of your intimate journey of relationship so it needs to be the perfect one. Yes, it looks easier but you need to have great passion in it.

3. The Angel kiss

It is the sweetest one from all types of kisses. It is usually a gentle touch of your lips near the eyes of your partner. As the name suggests, it is the medium to show love and affection.

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4. The Peck

Well, this has been always considered as the ‘friend-zoned’ kiss. But there is more meaning of it. If someone kisses on your check then it simply means that you are one of the closest people to him.

5. The Smooch

Smooch is known as learner’s kiss. It doesn’t need one to involve so much physically but to enjoy little touch. It lasts for very less time for beginners but if your relationship is on next level then the time period may increase.

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6. The Forehead Kiss


This is sweet and a soft kiss on the forehead. This kiss is especially dedicated to showing care and love to your partner.

7. The Eskimo Kiss

This is generally used to show love and affection. In this type of kiss two noses rub up against each other with making then forth and back. It was practiced mainly by the Eskimos hence named as Eskimo Kiss.

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Valentine’s week is rolling to end, but so many kisses have been left unpracticed…