7 Crazy Michael Jackson facts you didn’t know


One of the biggest pop icons of our era, Michael Jackson would have been 58 last month. Despite all the negative publicity that he had to face, we all loved him. There is a lot that has been publicized about the charming pop artist, but there is a lot more than many of us don’t know about him. So here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about Michael Jackson.

1.He loved Pinocchio


Out of all the Disney characters; Pinocchio was the one Jackson loved the most. He didn’t miss an episode when he was younger and even when he was all grown up, the love sustained. Maybe that explains the nose job Jackson went through with, to make his nose as big as Pinocchio.


2.There are stamps on his name

Image Courtesy http://i.ebayimg.com/

As far-fetched it may sound, it is true. Michael Jackson enjoyed immense popularity in the Caribbean and it was so much that one island names Saint Vincent even issued stamps on his name. Michael Jackson stamps can also be found in the antics shops there.

3.Michael acted in a movie

Image Courtesy i.ytimg.com
Image Courtesy i.ytimg.com


He not only was the best singer of his era, but while on his peak, he also got a chance to act in a movie. Well, he loved fantasy tales and he chose the role of Wiz the Scarecrow in the movie version of the Wizard of Oz. He is hard to spot but yeah, a closer look would suffice.

4.He was a pet freak

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Michael Jackson loved animals, even more than the humans (kidding). He had two pet Llamas he named Louis and Lola, a chimpanzee which he named Bubbles, a boa named Muscles and a pet ram which he named Mr Tibbs. This is cute, isn’t it?

5.The Grammy belongs to him

Image Source celebritygossip411.com/
Image Source celebritygossip411.com/


He set a record to swoop in eight grammys in the year 1984. This is the joint highest amount of the prestigious award won by anyone in a single damned year. The musical genius was the master of his fate it seems.

6.He had Vitiligo

Image Source http://1.bp.blogspot.com/
Image Source http://1.bp.blogspot.com/


Not many people know, but the star has a rare skin condition called Vtiligo. The skin disease causes for deformations in the pigment of the skin and it becomes discoloured. He hid the condition for a long time from his fans, but his doctor broke the news that surprised his fans all over the world.

7.Jackson was a prince in the Ivory Coast


In 1992, Michael visited the village of Krindjabo and the local tribes said that he belonged to the royal line of their clans. They read the mystic signs upon his arrival and landed on the conclusion making him the royal prince. He was declared the prince and Michael being a great sport, accepted the designation happily.

He was an enigma, a rare kind. He did a lot of charity and helped a lot of people all over the world and yet the negativity in the media about him somehow tried to take him down even after his death. But his true fans know what he was and that makes him one of the greatest artists ever walked among us.

All the Michael Jackson fans out there..share the facts you loved the most!!