6 pocket friendly trips every one must take during their College days!


Most wise men would agree with us when we would say that perhaps traveling is the best education one could receive. And college too is about imbibing the best from one could lay hands on. So, in the spirit of non-bookish education, we collaborated with Arpit Jindal, per Hashtag trips(Hashtag) as he provides us with some of the most stunning places in India that too at a catch- these trips will all cost you less than 5k.

1. Bhrigu Lake (Distance from Delhi:550 km)


Lying just east of the famous Rohtang pass, it offers the beauty and not the dirt and the din of Rohtang. Add to the fact that only pure poetry could describe the trail through which one has to trek through, passing through the lush green meadows and untouched, virgin forests. It is rather easily accessible as it is easy to find a bus to Manali and from there one could begin the trek which approximately takes two days to finish.

2. Chandratal and Spiti (Distance from Manali:140 km)


Located in the Spiti region of the Lahaul-Spiti district, this lake gets its name due to its crescent shape. Many people believe that this is the place where Yudhistir was taken to heaven. You will be in for a ride as you will make your way through roads made of gravel, and there will be waterfalls flowing straight through the roads. But when you see the lake with your own eyes for the first time, you might mutter to yourself that heaven actually does exist!

3. Valley of Flowers (Distance from Delhi:535 km)


This is one place which would have made Yash Chopra guilty of spending so much of his production budget on useless trips to Switzerland. The trek begins from Govind Ghat, a place easily accessible by road, and from there you can embark on a 16 km trek. Rohdendrons, wild roses, cold icy springs and snow capped peaks-what more can one ask for?!

4. Rishikesh (Distance from Delhi:242 km)


This place is often referred to as the “Adventure Capital” and the “Yoga Capital” of India. This place is a must visit for every college student studying in North India. Apart from being really pocket-friendly, one can indulge in adventure sports often seen on the television. Another hidden fact about this city is its buzzing night life and a really vibrant cafe culture.

5. Munnar (Distance from Kochi:130 km)


A quaint little town located in the Western Ghats, it is surrounded by little hills full of tree plantations. Formerly a resort for the officers during the British Raj, this place has a lot to offer for the soul-searching one looking for tiny vestiges of solitude in this cruel and verbose world. Piece of advice: Carry a book along with you so that you can take your reading experience to a whole new level!

6. Diu (Distance from Ahmedabad:365 km)


If you are one who loves to bare his skin a bit and let his old legs get a nice tan, then Diu is definitely for you. Also known as “mini Goa” sans the rush, this place is a perfect wind down spot with a bottle of beer. One can also visit Gir National Park and feast their eyes on some finest specimen of wildlife in the world, just 75 km from Diu.