6 Kitchen habits which may help you shed that extra fat


There is a term called food psychology, many of you may not be aware of it but it is real. Sometimes, we indulge in the eating behavior that does no good for our health. Reasons may be many but it taking a toll on your health, especially the weight isn’t pleasant. Hence, there are some habits that you should adopt in order to make yourself eat more healthy next time onwards.

 Keep the counter clean


The psychologists come with strange facts every now and then. One among them is that your eating behavior is directly related to the messiness of your counter. You may eat more if your counter is dirty and cluttered. So in order to make sure that that extra fat just stays away from you, wash the dishes every day. And doing that may prove to be a pretty good workout routine as well.


Fruit bowl on the counter


The studies claimed that people who are having a fruit bowl on their counter all the time weighed much less than the ones who don’t. So that in case you are getting sudden midnight munching, you will reach for what’s easier to reach. That’s right, the fruit bowl on your counter. No more fast food, hence, pounds shredded.


Water too shall be under easy reach


The importance of drinking a lot of water if you are trying to lose weight can’t be stressed enough. Keep the water dispenser, cooler or RO purifier easily accessible. And make it a habit to go for it every few minutes. This behavior alone can be excessively successful for you if you are trying to get slimmer. And if you can pour a slice of half a lemon in it, that would be just fantastic. So, keep a lemon slice by it always.


Keep junks away from your sight



Sometimes, we aren’t even hungry. We just want to eat and that is when we reach for food. But the psychology says that we will reach for the stuff that is easily accessible for us. If the chips, cookies, sweets are kept away from the sight into the drawer, there is a great chance that we won’t even try to reach for them.


Keep junk food at the back and fruits at front in fridge-


Once again, it all comes down to the level of accessibility but this time, it’s more important. The things you keep in fridge shall be placed in a way that every time you open your fridge, you will see the fruits and fresh vegetables first. Keep the pies and other sweeteners at the back if you want to lose some weight.


Buy smaller plates


Buying smaller plates will make you eat less, simple. The servings would be small and your mind will play tricks with you and tell you that you are satisfied.

These very simple yet accurate tricks may prove to be helpful in your pursuit of losing weight, try them out and share it with your friends too!!