6 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older


To look good everything has to be perfect, whether it’s the makeup, attire or the hair. The good part is you can re-apply your makeup or change your outfit if any of them is affecting your entire getup. But, the other way round it is very difficult to re-fix the hair once it gets ruined.  It truly takes a month or sometimes a year to get back your locks in shape. Trust me; hair mistakes really put a deep impact on your appearance, it can make you look older than you actually are.


1. Getting a haircut without considering your  facial structure


Bad Haircut

A bad hair can add years to your looks! So, don’t think of doing much of experiments with your tresses


2. Excessive bleaching            

    Excessive hair bleach

Over bleaching can damage your hair badly. It will give you a dull appearance; I fear that you may look like your grandma.


3. Keeping the same hair tone as your complexion 


Same Hair Tone Can Dull Your looks! “Hair of the same tone as you complexion can washes you out,” says Louis Licari. It is recommended to add a bit contrast in your style.


4. Keeping your hair length same           


Same Hair Length

Keeping your locks of the same length can give you terrible looks.


5. Too long tresses 


Too Long Tresses

A very long length can steal your look away. Only your hair will get noticed


6. Overusing of styling products 


Overusing Of Styling Products

A big no to too much of styling product as it not only clear all the moisture from the hair also leave them dry.

Always remember that your hair plays a very crucial role in your life; it can change the entire game of good look score with one wrong step. So, before experimenting with your tresses make sure to take advice from your hairdresser.