6 Google Chrome Extensions You Should Be Using For A Better Online Experience


All of us spend a lot of time holed up in front of our computers and trust me, major portion of that time is spent on doing work, then opening Facebook, then doing some more work and then opening youtube to see videos and then when you are finally done for the day, you realise that you know more about where your friends went for vacation or who is latest stand-up act in town, rather than getting your work done. So for the people who fall into the above category, we will provide you with a lot of hip Chrome extensions that will save your day and will help you do your work better.

1. Be Limitless

best chrome extensions

This is by far my favourite Chrome Extension. It provides an absolutely new look to the tab you open with quotes and amazing pictures. Apart from that, it also measures the time you spent on various websites, allows you set the day’s goals, sends emails without specifically opening a tab for the purpose, and also makes notes. It literally provides you limitless possibilities.

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2. Stay Focused

best chrome extensions

It’s an extension to prevent you from browsing websites like facebook, twitter, youtube and others which you think consume a lot of your time. You can choose whichever site you wish to block, and then this extension limits it’s usage to a meager ten minutes a day.

3. Grammarly

best chrome extensions

For people like me, Grammarly is a breadwinner, because it checks for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and prevents me from getting chucked out of jobs like the present one. So if you write a lot of emails, assignments and anything that is even remotely official, this is for you.

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4. Evernote Webb Clipper

All the Evernote fans in the house, give me a cheer! This first party extension can be used to quickly highlight text, images, or both, and save them to Evernote for later consumption. There also several other modules which can be used for the oft-frequented websites like Facebook, Youtube among others and also houses a built-in screenshot tool.

5. Boomerang For Gmail

best chrome extensions

It is perhaps the only thing that sucks with Gmail- you cannot send an email from a time that is ahead of you. I am a college student and a night owl, so there are times when I turn in my assignments at 3 AM in the morning and have to bear the awkward glimpses of my professor till eternity. Hence we have Boomerang, which allows you to postpone sending email for later. This extension is also available for IOS and Android as well.

6. WeatherBug

best chrome extensions

Weather Bug is perhaps the best available chrome extension available on the store. There are options by which you can turn your screen into a straight out of sci-fi movie doppler radar projections, wind speed, temperature and what not. It also has a full-screen interface and looks like something you might find in Tony Stark’s home.

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