6 Countries to keep in mind while considering hassle free Shift From The US


The results of 2016’s Presidential Election just came out and people want to shift and migrate to other places. The Canadian immigration site crashed because people in large number applied there. Now that Canada is overflowing with people, we are listing down 6 other places where you can move in. These 6 countries give residence to the Americans very easily.

1. Sweden

One can very easily get permission to live here for 117 dollars. One doesn’t even have to go to offices but can complete the process online. In the year 2014, Sweden highest number of permissions to people to live in there.

2. Mexico

The residents can get an FFM Visa for just 21 Dollars in Mexico. This visa is not for permitting people to work.

3. New Zealand

This country is extremely beautiful. There are a lot of simple ways to get citizenship in this country. One has to attain certain criteria to gain citizenship in New Zealand like living for more than 184 days, investing money, have a business, etc.

4. Svalbard, Norway

In this country there are no harsh rules and regulations to follow. One just has to flow to this place and you can live here. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing and the temperature falls down to -15 degrees.

5. Dominica

This is an expensive place to reside and gain citizenship in. If one has to gain citizenship then he/she has to invest 100000 Dollars. Then you don’t need any permission. Special discounts are given to couples and families.

6. Ireland

There are two ways through which you can gain an Irish citizenship. Firstly, living in Ireland for five years and secondly, if you have any associations with the Irish Citizens.