6 Most Annoying Habits of Men


Why are all men so eight pack royal Spartans in the beginning and zombies on hunger strike after a few hot dates? Even if you are in a relationship with the king of Persia, there is always one really intolerable habit in him that makes you want to kick his head.

Long-term irritation can wreak havoc on your health. You can even put on weight out of stress. So better get your Mr. Right on the right track before it is too late for both of you. Here is the guide to some of the most annoying habits in men.

  1. The magic of unplanned travel trips works in the movies only; not in real life


Why the heck men are so fond of giving surprises all the time? Surprise gifts are still understandable but surprise trips are way too much for you on any given day. Your man bumps on to you with some garlic cheesy smile on the face, urges you to pack all your luggage quickly, and rush for a flight to Bangkok in next 5 minutes.

Women take more time to pack their belongings than America took to recover from economic recession. They don’t want to forget any tool from their make-up kits in a hurry and end up giving seizures to Thai Elephants. So surprise trips are not on the list whatsoever.

  1. Pretending to listen when they are actually not

After some point in life, men stop listening to their women automatically. The worse is when they pretend to listen to them when they are actually busy checking out a girl with their sheepish eyes on the next table. However, the most idiotic part of this habit is that women are made to repeat their words like robots in Terminator movies.

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  1. Talking on phone on a date

Picture this, a woman is all dressed up like Scarlet Johansson for a hot date with her man and he is busy talking about a baseball game with his gay friend from the office. No wonder why women want to kill their men for their freaking habits.

According to a research, more than 80% women don’t want to date a man who talks on the phone on a date.


  1. Best friends are for TV soaps

Men are more addicted to their friends than women. Despite being in a close relationship, they tend to carve their own space for friends. These friends bump on to the couple without prior notification and ruin their romantic candle night dinners.


  1. Dressing sense of Lady Gaga

Some men are so bad in a style that even Lady Gaga looks like the best-dressed person in the world. From appearing in shorts for a date to wearing a magenta business suit in night parties, men can go to any extent when it comes to dressing without a single doubt. It kills!


  6. Channel Surfing

There is absolutely a zilch chance of men not surfing the TV channels in between your favourite TV soaps. Ladies, you can take the remote control away from him and do the same thing to him during his favourite cricket match, instead if you’re really feeling annoyed from this habit. He’ll surely understand how annoying it can be.