5 Of The Most Worst Jobs Ever In The World


Am I only think that I have the worst job in the world? But wait until you get a load of some of the things people will do for money. You are sure to realize you don’t have it half as bad as you think you do. Maybe you will end up reading this and realize you have the best job in the world. Though you may not want to go THAT far, you will certainly realize. It isn’t nearly as horrible at your jobs you may have been thinking.

Here we will talk quickly about the five worst jobs of all time. Maybe you will even pat yourself on the back for taking that fry-guy post at McDonald’s.


1.Cat food quality controller.


Okay, we can only begin to imagine what this means is this job consists of three parts: First, he uses his nose and gets it into the moist cat food and gets a good whiff; this is the freshness test. Next, he digs his arms into the food up to his elbows, all the while feeling for hard bits of bone and/or cartilage. Finally, he conducts a ‘finger prodding’ tests with by poking at handfuls of the product with his fingers in search of bone.


2. Port-a-potty-cleaner.


This individual possibly has the most unfriendly job I can think of on the planet. I would rather chase monkeys and poke around in pureed cat food than even approach one of these repulsive waste receptacles. I guess I have to hand it to the person that takes this on and then manages to stick it out longer than an hour: Talk about a heck of a work ethic!


3. Sewer cleaner.


This job ties for first in my book, right along with port-a-potty person up there. The sewer is just as bad only far more limitless. Do they really clean SEWERS? Regardless, if I didn’t know that bit of information then I am apt to say that I was not put on this earth to do this job; I think I will leave it to the pros.


4. Janitor at a Triple-X Theater


I really don’t think I need to go into great detail regarding what this job likely involve, so I’m going to skip the graphics, but we can all imagine the atrocities these folks encounter. If they are smart they wait until the crowd clears, or they might find they have become part of the movie!


5. Safari monkey chaser.


This will surely sound like a lot of fun to any of you, but for anyone who has ever gotten a handful of monkey-poop in the face you will likely pass on this ‘executive’ position. The gist of the entire job was for a guy named Marin to cage up on a vehicle equipped with nothing more than a stick. With this stick, he chases the monkeys and keeps them from escaping by clinging to the vehicle and cage. What fun!