5 Ultimate Tricks To Fall In Love Again


Instead of comparing your relationship to someone else’s make sure you pay attention to improve communication with your partner. You need to water that plant daily to get the sweetest fruits out of it. But the question arises, how do we maintain that constant point of bliss in a relationship? Here’s how –

1. Ditch the mobile

So you plan a date night, and you’ve got reservations to a classy restaurant. You both have dressed up and you’ve ordered some nice champagne. Then you get a call from work and you talk for a few minutes, but the rest of the night goes constantly checking the phone for work updates and before you know it, you’re paying the bill and heading out. How is that good for romance? So, ditch the phone or keep it switched off throughout the date.

2. Small gestures work wonders

This is where you can really floor them. Start the morning by sending a really adorable message to them. If you’re really looking to spice it up on a particular day, get flowers or a cute card delivered to their work place. That will definitely earn you some brownie points and your relationship will surely take a turn for the better.

3. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Don’t hold back your emotions. Venture into the unknown,be ready to feel vulnerable and show it. Put yourself out there and you will be surprised to see how well your partner responds to your approaches.

4. Plan a holiday or stay in

You don’t have to plan a grand vacation, just a camping trip by the lake with hot cocoa will do perfectly. If you’re staying in, make sure to order some pizza and bring in your favorite rom-coms. Take out a weekend only for you and your partner once in a couple of months. That ought to bring the intimacy back in your life.

5. Try something new in bed

Now, you don’t necessarily go outright kinky, but make a point to make things interesting. Use your preferred prop – chocolate syrup, honey or even some strawberries. Better yet, book a hotel room to get an escalated rush for that one night.

Relationships aren’t made over night. They require hard work along with some loving care. Give your time and patience to your partner and make sure you awaken the sexual tension once in a while. Just because you’ve gotten used to your partner being there over the years, doesn’t mean the spark and excitement should wear off. It’s still there, ignite it.