5 strangest addictions in the world


Every individual will be addicted to something or the other in life, due 50 percent to genetic predisposition and rest 50 percent credit goes to poor coping skills. It is all about how you look at the addictions as it could be both basic necessities and unwanted habits.

As long it is easy available in the market, not harmful and not illegal, it has been accepted by the society. Apart from regular addictions like alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and partying, there are some strange addictions, or we should call it insane addictions. These addictions would just sound meaningless to you but it could be a huge source of satisfaction the person, who is addicted.

Most of these habits look dangerous and will leave us shocked. These habits have been considered abnormal and would require a strong psychologist’s council on a regular basis to cure the same.

Some of the Strange addictions in the world that’ll leave you shocked

1. Eating more mattresses than food



A woman in the United States of America, Jennifer is addicted to eating mattresses. Well, this really sounds like an obsession unimaginable but it is true that for more than two decades, Jennifer has been indulged in eating mattresses. She eats so much mattress foam, she regularly clogs her toilet, which became a matter of concern from her family. She got examined by a doctor, who warned her she would die if she continued.


2. Dating a car



Nathaniel from Europe dates his car and has been in a strange relationship with his car Chase for nearly five years. He takes his car out on dates, buys and even gets intimate with it. He indeed claims that he is fond of kissing his car in front of everyone to prove his love. He has been in love with cars ever since his childhood and he didn’t really have many friends. Undoubtedly, this man is literally in love with his car.


3. Doll Love




The next strange addiction on our list revolves around doll love. This is the story of a guy called Davecat and his ten-year relationship with his first inflatable doll. When he first got the doll, he called it his girlfriend and since then their relationship has come off very far and he now calls her his wife. One of their fun couple activities is doing photo-shoots together which really makes us believe that he is madly in love with this little non living thing.


4. Drinking Nail Polish




A 23 year old American girl called Bertha has a strange habit of drinking nail polish and she drinks about 5 bottles of nail polish every day when she feels thirsty. She particularly prefers the “flavor” blue or anything with glitter in it.


5. Eating a Dead Person




Some would scatter them and bury them whereas many people keep the ashes of loved ones who’ve passed but Enter Casie, a 26 year old widow was so distraught and had a tough time coping with the death of her husband that she carries his urn around wherever she goes. Well this is enough to upset her family. Wait there’s more upsetting until they find out she’s been slowly eating his remains.