5 snack recipes for an untimely binge without having to worry about the calorie intake


Craving for quick munch-on are hard to resist, but you can’t afford the perils of unrestricted calorie intake. What if you can have that long awaited svelte body and perfectly toned muscles without abstaining from the temptation of snacks or have to endure the frequent stomach churnings? Just switch to a healthy snack!

Here are 5 equally tasty healthy snacking alternatives that you can binge on any time round the clock.

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1. Popcorn is the quickest healthy snack you can lay your hands on

Popcorn is one of the easily available options to subside your nippy appetite anytime anywhere. Being fluffy popcorns are apparently voluminous that easily fills up your bowl and tummy. Plus, it’s not going to cause an imbalance of dietary components. Grab on more!

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2. Chips could also be made a healthy snack

Chips are munch-on addictions one can hardly give up on. Homemade baked alternatives made of sweet potato, carrot, unripe banana or beet are way better to limit your calorie intake by a whip. Sprinkle pepper, chilli flakes or oregano to add mouth-watering flavours.

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3. Walnuts are light on calorie

Walnut is just another versatile variety; it’s not only a low-calorie snack but a food that bless you with healthy hairs and good skin. Ideal for untimely munching or short breaks at work and certainly keep you fuller for longer.

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4. Edamame & Celery are healthy snacks for raw munching

Vegetables help maintain muscle grown, immunity and healthy body weight. Sprouting Edamame and fresh Celeries are classic nutrient springs and high on dietary fibre. Drizzle some honey or glaze with peanut butter to mock the raw taste and pump up mixed flavours.

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5. Fruits are the healthy solution to sweet-tooth cravings

Fruits being a rich source of vitamins, useful minerals and antioxidants are certainly one of the must have is any diet charts. But why just eat them ripe and raw? So, throw in some variety to give your taste-buds a fruity tickle – grapes and strawberries are best for frozen lollies, while liquor soaked grilled pineapples, pears or peaches are absolutely luscious.

Fruit Snacks
Fruit Snacks

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