5 ‘Smart’ Products Specially Designed For The Stupid Rich People


If you’re rich, you can buy everything that you ought to. You need not care about the decrement in your bank balance and all. You can always make new and latest technologies a part of your daily life. Well, still a worthy product won’t harm you I guess. Buying stupid products in the name of technology is the trend these days. A lot of products are hitting the markets that aren’t as amazing as they are advertised. But, since some people have money, they are entertaining the existence of such idiotic products. Let’s see some of the commodities based on the so-called latest technology that actually does not unfold any magnificent technological aspect.

1. Egg carton to tell whether eggs are rotten or not.eggs

Well, this carton is way smarter than you. It can easily tell you which egg is rotten and which has the ability to sustain right now. It contains 14 eggs at a time and this surely questions the kind of mindset it is created with. After all who buys 14 eggs at one time!

2. The umbrella that will stick to you forever.

The umbrella named “Davek Alert” is based on the most prevalent wireless technology. Now this will keep reminding you about your umbrella as soon as you get 30 feet away from it. First of all, that’s annoying. And second, if you leave your umbrella in the cab or something, you will be notified once it has gone away from you forever.

3. Basket of WarmthBread Basket charger

Now, this latest technology helps you charge your phone once the food in the basket is hot. So far so good right? But, the phone needs to be placed below the basket while charging which will help in collecting a lot of food items on your phone and will also induce a delicious smell to your phone. This technology is based on the simple idea of avoiding phone once you are taking your meal. This will help you in getting involved in a conversation with the dinner mates. Well, all of us take our phones along to dodge the conversation I suppose.

4. A mat sheet with inbuilt speakerstechnology

 You like going out and sitting in the garden in the spring season. How beautiful it’s to lay a mat and sit quietly to watch the beauty of nature. And in this peaceful experience, your inbuilt speakers are with you. You will play music that will be heard by every person who is completely disinterested in listening to your playlist. You will be technically ruining their calm, and also these speakers do not work for a long time and surrender their lives very soon.

5. And the hilarious oneToothbrush

Companies are in a constant race of building up brushes that can function electronically. The newest of the technology shows you pictures and videos of your brushing experience and tells you how useless you’re at brushing and what all things you need to improve. See, technology is doing all that your parents couldn’t do for you. How sick is this no, isn’t it?