5 Secrets To Smell Heavenly From 5 To 9

Woman spraying perfume

Everybody wants to smell like a bunch of fresh roses all day, every day, but unfortunately, it’s not that easy for some men and women.

Are you one of them?

You’re about to read some really useful tips and natural remedies to get rid of the bad body odor and bad breath problems.

NO 1: Shower/bathe every day no matter what!

How often do you bathe/take a shower? The first thing you can do to help yourself and others is by taking a nice long shower!

NO 2: Give your body a nice deep exfoliation every once in a while

Make a half cup mixture of dead sea salt or Epsom salt, olive oil, and almond oil. Rub this mixture and massage it all over your body. This helps get rid of all the dead skin cells, makes the skin baby soft and youthful. Do this once every two weeks or once a month as exfoliating every day can dry out the natural moisture of the body and make things worse.

NO 3: Brush your teeth at least twice a day!

There’s no point in having a nice smelling body with a nasty breath. . .

Even if you`re the laziest person alive, please don’t ever step out of your house without brushing your teeth.

NO 4: Your Diet plays a very important role in how you smell!

Eat a healthy balanced diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. . .

If you eat a healthy balanced diet and drink enough water every day, your body will be free of toxins and waste products that could lead to bad odor of the body. The mouth of a person who drinks lots of water will always smell better than someone who hardly drinks water and that’s because of dehydration of the body.

NO 5: Buy and use a nice Perfume which has a long lasting smell.

Perfumes and colognes enhance the way you smell. Buy a nice smelling and long lasting one and use it whenever you go out.