5 Reasons Hritik Roshan is a Wasted Talent

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Hritik Roshan is one of the most powerful entities in Bollywood. Perhaps one of the only names that pop up as front runners of box office successes apart from, of course, the Khans! Hritik has made a name for himself. There is very little that Hritik isn’t able to do. He is a suave dancer, a prolific actor (his performance in Koi Mil Gaya was beyond mature) and has a physique that makes him resemble a Greek God!


What he lacks though, in our opinion, is consistency and a list of films that he could have “earned” during his career. The fact that he doesn’t have cult films (except Lakshya and ZNMD) to his name is shocking to say the least. An actor worth his caliber has to have cult films – especially when a career has run as long as Hritik’s. His lack of risk taking ability makes Hritik’s career look dull, when it could have been so much better.

We all know he is capable of pulling the most difficult of roles. He was excellent in KMG but followed it up with overly ordinary Kkrish and its pathetic sequel. He was acceptable (as Akbar) in Jodha Akbar and in Kites but chose a good role in a bad film Guzarish. ZNMD was amazing but he ruined it with another dismal of a film called Bang Bang and more recently, Mohenjo Daro.


When we start to ponder as to how many of the roles actually challenged him as an actor – we cannot come up with even 5. An actor with a career span of more than 16 years and not having 5 key roles to his name shouldn’t be considered an actor. Ask Pacino or De Niro. Anyways, we have our reasons to question Hritik’s decisions and here is how we back them up.

1. He has never played a Cop!




We are not saying an Abhishek-Bachchan-in-Dhoom cop. We are saying, if not a Manoj-Bajpayee-in-Shool cop then may be a Devgn-in-Gangaajal-cop or something like Talash. A similar role could seriously have escalated his image even better than it actually is. Every actor in his prime wants to take a daunting cop role. Except Hritik. And we are not considering Bang Bang (which we have since forgotten) at all! All we assume is that this is something that Roshan should definitely sink his teeth into.


2.Not a single Comedy Film to his name yet!

Isn’t it strange?

Yes, for the sake of argument, one can hold the first half of Lakshya and ZNMD as comic performances but ask yourself this – does he actually look like a comic actor? No, if you ask us. And you will not be surprised when you dig down Hritik’s career for the lack of even a single witty role.


Even an actor as stoic as Devgn has starred in Golmal, perhaps just to prove his mettle, but Hritik is still to take such risk.

3.Why always the Cool kid/Hearthrob/Stud/Glorified “Superstar”?

Imaging a Hritik Roshan film is about to hit theatres. It will be hard for you guys to perceive him doing maybe an Ajay Devgn in OUATIM/Drishyam or an Aamir Khan in PK/Mangal Pandey or an Irrfan in, well, all of his films.




Our cranial capacity stutters to function if we are asked to imagine Hritik Roshan in any role other than the ones he has already done. And that is the “Super Star” of Bollywood. The most he has tried to challenge himself in his later career is Guzarish. That’s it!


4.Always Working with the “Best” Directors in town

Although blessed with the ability to pull crowds to the screenings, Hritik has never risked a film with a new or a director from parallel cinema. In order to revive his career (from the monotonous work he boasts off) he needs to pick an offbeat director like a Dibakar or a Shimit or even an Anurag before it’s too late. Time to play safe with the Bhansalis, Johars and Gowarikers makes absolutely no sense. Especially when he has all the power in the world to experiment and do something he has never done before.




What particularly rattles us as Hritik fans is that he rejects meaty roles. Aamir specifically asked him to portray Siddharth’s lead role in RDB but Hritik ignored. It would have been such a milestone in his career but was given a miss!

Even the likes of Shahrukh Khan have started to experiment by working with relatively smaller names like Manish Sharma, Gauri Shinde and Rahul Dholakia! Why not Hritik?


5.Limited Films per Year

This factor should not be held against Hritik but the output of this decision can always be questioned. Especially when we have Aamir Khan who does lesser films in terms of an average count, but with much prettier outcomes! The amount of time Hritik is putting in is quite a lot and it is something that he is surely running out of.


At an age of 42, Hritik could have at least had a production house, like a much less competent John Abraham. Hell even Salman has one. He could be making movies his ways but he still choses mediocre cinema although being able to pull any character he wants to. This is a sad chapter in Hindi Film Industry as we are losing an actor who doesn’t even know what all he could have achieved in these 16 years.