5 Instagram Trends That Are Taking The World By A Storm


As the summer breeze whisks all our worries away, it also invites new as hell trends on our favorite social media websites. With floral eyelids, and so many more crazy trends running on Instagram lately, this year’s summer is bound to be nothing less than spectacular.

Let’s check out some of the coolest and newest trends that have taken over Instagram since a few months –

1. Feather eyebrows

The feather eyebrows trend has got to be the most surprising thing anyone’s ever seen. The fashion bloggers and makeup artists are giving out excellent tutorials to achieve this look but is it something we’d like to wear on a daily basis? As fancy as it seems, it is probably not suited for the regular ones like us.

2. Alien Yoga

As freaky as it looks, alien yoga is supposed to be extremely good for your abdominal muscles. It is a form of breathing technique which requires you exhale completely and place the abs under the ribcage. The Instagram yoga gurus are nailing this practice and achieving beautiful core strength with this technique. It does seem super difficult, so don’t try it without the supervision of a trained professional.

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3. Floral eyeshadow

So Instagram is way into the future by leaving behind eyeliner hacks. It’s the time for floral eyeshadow patterns. It may look gorgeous, but it’s a tough job. Would you want to give it a try?

4. The Tooth-Gem

It’s hard to keep track of the number of celebrities carrying tooth-gems these days. This trend was popular way back in the 90s, but seems like it is resurfacing once again. It gives out a funky and mischievous vibe, just something that pop stars of today wanna have!

5. Bikinis Sans The Pool

The top-notch celebs are taking summer to a whole new level. They’re not only looking fab as ever in their bikinis, but there’s no trace of water anywhere. Following the trend are definitely the Jenner sisters, the Hadid sisters and last but not the least, Taylor Swift’s squad.

So now that you know the recent trends circulating all over your Instagram feed, how many of them can you actually try? I would probably go for the gem-tooth. It seems more like my type!