5 Facts About Dogs Every Dog Lover Must Know


Dogs are said to be “human’s best buddy”. They are the true buds offering unconditional love. Dogs perform many important roles in our life, one of which is being faithful and standing by us through thick and thin. Apart from this dogs have immense power to surprise us. How??? Just scroll down to know:

Dogs don’t feel guilt.


Same as human, dogs also get jealous. Scientific researchers on dogs conclude that their eyes are not the way to show guilty but they show an image of the dog’s reaction towards your behavior.


Dog’s urine can corrode metal.


As we know that dogs can wee anywhere they want. It is more harmful than we think as it can corrode metal. Dog’s urine has enough acid that it can corrode metal as well.

Dogs can see in color.

Shiba Inu Beside Game --- Image by © Yoshihisa Fujita/MottoPet/amanaimages/Corbis

They say dogs can see only black and white but it is a myth, they can actually see colors just as a human see. Though humans have three cones in their eyes whereas dogs have only two cones, hence they can’t see as widely as humans. Surprisingly dogs have better night vision than humans.


Dogs can be pretty smart.


We think that dog is just an animal but they are smart in the way they work. They can actually be as smart as a child. The top breeds like German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc. are much smarter that they can even understand about 200 words (an outcome of a research result).


Dogs can fall in love.


It may be really interesting that just as human’s brain secretes oxytocin hormone which refers to love hormone dogs brain also do the same when they communicate with dogs and humans, found in research in Claremont Graduate University in California by professor Paul Zak.

So next time you pamper your little pooch, just keep in mind how much it is keeping things from you… 😉