5 Essential Best Friends We Never Recognised


We all have lot of friends in life. Some of them leave an impression in our hearts, and are very close to our soul, hence we call them as best buddies. However, rather than our real friends, here are some friends of us who are essential; unfortunately they are never recognised and appreciated. They revel us the deep secrets, which no other friends can express. They help us in all the way to love our self, self-analyse, be a wonderful companion, create new avenues, be relaxed etc. Let us see who are our life’s ultimate essentials!!!


How can a book be our best friend? Yes it is. Book is an indigenous associate, which provides everlasting benefits and wonderful companionship. It makes us laugh, cry, emotional and sometimes funny. If we take a novel written by our favourite author, we get inside into it such a way that we forget the complete world. It gives us immense pleasure when we keep reading a book by taking away the agony and sad contents from our heart and filling an ecstasy within. Book is a refreshing agent. Hence, this is our first best friend.




Mirror is a secret adviser. It let us know how we look and appealing are we to the world. It informs whether the beauty cream or powder we apply is optimum, are we looking smart. Mirror showcases the lust, naughty smile and self-love. It projects the level of confidence we have inside. In other words, it is an index of our own mind to self. Another special feature of mirror is, it informs lots of secrets of the physical body – whether the body is getting heavier by the addition of extra pounds? Does it require to append some pounds to look smart? Is everything fine with the skin health? Mirror gives an opportunity to speak to ourselves, which in turn boots up the confidence level. It teaches us how to face ourselves and the entire world.



Pen and paper

It is quite uncomfortable to reveal certain things to the physical beings. Then, who will stop the mind’s ecstasies and depressions? At times, it is a million dollar question whether to share it or not. During such confusions, this very friend of ours comes to support. Paper is a sensational friend, who accepts whatever we write and Pen is a perfect communicator. When the feelings, whether good or bad is represented in paper, the heaviness and imbalance in our heart slowly deteriorates and finally vanishes. After writing all the enigmas, you can always take a decision whether to retain it or destroy the written papers. If you do not want anybody to know about it, better to destroy it and stay peaceful.




How good or bad your mind would be, if we switch on our music system and play the favourite music we seem to create the world of self-being. Slowly, our mind starts to attain amusement and thank itself for ambient frequency of music. It is such a powerful tool that, it literally takes away all the agony within and builds a barricade of happiness. This wonderful friend is one of the favourites to all of us and most of us carry abundant amount of music collections.




Out of all these, we should not forget ourselves. Ultimately, it is us who should be happy and prosper in life. We are the best creature on earth to understand ourselves. Few people complains that nobody in the world understands them and their feelings. We our self will understand everything, nevertheless it is noticed or not.

I suggest you to start talking to yourself. Significance of life’s happiness is to know the ‘Self’ better, understand and fill the gaps. First of all, love yourself more than anyone in this world. Because of our existence – we undergo feeling, liking, loving, crying, suffering. Recognise the ‘Self’, play a game within, enjoy self-pleasure, gift yourself some amazing things and get abundant amount of happiness for yourself.


We don’t have to spend money to get these buddies. And they never expect anything from us. They are eternal and stay with us as best friends throughout our life. Most of all see them every day and live with them. Seems like we might have never recognized and appreciated these friends. Do it today and have a wonderful life.