5 Confidential Facts Which Are Revealed While Downloading Torrents


The first the thing that I learned after hearing about the internet for the first time was how to use Torrents (Okay the second, or the third. First two were email, and then Facebook respectively). Though after the recent controversy surrounding Torrents, it’s popularity has been on a steady decline. But since there hasn’t been any better alternative to it, a lot of people have little or no option than to stick to it, and this still means that the hackers have a feast while the chickens have gone home to roost.

1. Username and password

Very often, you are asked to create a profile before downloading anything through Torrents. This could potentially be something really harmful, as a majority of the hackers know that you often use the same email addresses and passwords for multiple accounts. Now imagine, people with brains as fast as supercomputers with your passwords in their pockets and then, ladies and gentlemen, the possibility happens to be endless. We suggest you use temporary emails which get deleted once you log in or within ten minutes, either of which happens first.

2. Your IP address

Your IP address is like your house number, along with the street you live on, and the city you live in, and everything your address consists of, albeit on the virtual world. Now imagine giving all of this to a master locksmith who also happens to be a thief? Now when you download anything via Torrent, you share your IP address with both the seeders and the leechers, and that is perhaps not the safest thing to do. Try using a VPN at least when you download via Torrents as it will be able to mislead the hackers or try buying an online anti-virus which offers you such kind of protection.

3. ISP-Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers are like those waiters at the mid-level restaurant, that try their best to look sweet but wouldn’t hesitate even once to spit on your food once you screw up with them.Your ISP contains a lot of information about you(and that includes all the sites you have visited and every video that you have watched. And no, Incognito mode doesn’t work), and it is often that they might have to share it with Governmental agencies or advertisement hounds. So if they find you messing around a lot with their data limits, they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid about sharing your information. Just remember, torrents are really data-heavy and make sure you purchase an adequate data plan to keep your provider happy.

4. Traffic Information

Downloading a torrent is not easy- trust me. It is like walking through a lot of shady alleys until you ultimately find that place you have been looking for. Similarly, you need to visit a lot of shady websites and click a lot of download buttons, and that leads to a host of other shady websites and you click a lot of other download buttons until it finally starts downloading. In this way, you have traveled through a lot of websites, you give the information to the website admins (including your IP address, remember our tirade up there), and they wouldn’t think twice about sharing your information with the advertisement hounds and the hackers.

5. Social Media Channel

Torrent websites sometimes offer you perks when following them on social media. This immediately gives an idea to everyone interested about the type of people that support those websites. Even if you are not downloading or distributing any illegal content, engaging with them on social media channels and being active on torrent forums may drag you towards a group of people you don’t want to be in.
Peer to peer file sharing is not always illegal but you have to keep in mind that very often cheap things end up being expensive. You should be fully aware of what you exposing to the world on your journey to the next episode of the Big Bang Theory.

If you are in store, you don’t just go and grab a DVD and walk out, you pay for it. The reason why you don’t steal is not only because you are a good person but also because you are afraid that your action may ruin your life. Nowadays, being on the internet is similar to walking on the street or in the store, your actions are being monitored – let’s make sure you don’t embarrass yourself before the whole world.