4th Class Textbook Teaches Students To Suffocate A Cat For Carrying Out An Experiment


Classroom practicals are fun, aren’t they? Well, only if they don’t harm anyone. Practicals help us to learn things in a much better way. Textbooks nowadays have developed a fun way to study where they direct you the procedures so that you can carry out such fun experiment.

However, one such textbook of 4th class wasn’t fun anymore when an experiment of it broke out on the internet where it asked the students to kill a cat just for the sake of an experiment. Yes, you read that right. The topic was ‘LIVING THINGS BREATHE’. And according to the experiment, one had to suffocate a cat till it dies so as to confirm that ‘LIVING THINGS DO BREATHE’. Here is a picture of that experiment.

And if this theoretical text wasn’t satisfactory, they had drawn some diagrams for that too. Have a look at them.


The chapter is from the textbook named as ‘OUR GREEN WORLD’ and the chapter is being taught to students of Delhi. This is what the experiment asks its students to perform.

Take two wooden boxes. Make holes on lid of one box. Put a small kitten in each box. Close the boxes. After some time open the boxes. What do you see? The kitten inside the box without the holes has died.

After the picture started getting shared on the internet, and became viral, many people on social media reached out to animal activists and also to the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development,i.e Maneka Gandhi to look into the matter. A reply from her section restored people’s faith in the system.


Well, this was indeed serious. I am not saying that people might end up performing such bizarre experiment but the whole point lies in the fact that such things are being taught to small children which can manipulate their feeling and opinions about animals. Animals are meant to be loved and not for torture for someone’s weird experiments.

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