4 Anger Management Tricks That Wil Calm You Instantly


We’ve all experienced extreme bouts of rage that has led to out-of-control situations. Sometimes we see ourselves spiraling towards it and we can’t do anything but give into it. At the end of it, we feel bad for reacting harshly and not keeping calm. Although, it doesn’t mean you’re suffering from anger issues but anger management could be essential in situations. There are things you can’t take back once you’ve done in anger, but you can definitely prevent yourself from saying or doing those things. No matter where the anger is triggered, some easy tips can help you stay calm in any situations.

Here’s what you could try –

1. Identify the causative factor

Instead of lashing out, figure out what you’re feeling and try to resolve it. Remember that irrational emotions will only make matters worse. If someone has been bothering you at work, or you tend to get agitated in a traffic jam, find out what pushes your buttons.

2. Forgive and forget

Holding onto the anger will only lead to resentment, pessimism and bitterness. It’s going to be hard to let go, but forgive the person who led to the feelings of anger in you. This will enhance the compassion inside you and improve your tolerance of other people.

3. Practice relaxation

As soon as you feel the rage swelling up in your chest, make it a point to remind yourself consciously to remain calm. Take deep breaths or visualize something that relaxes you to help yourself calm down. Once you start practicing this regularly, you will notice that distracting yourself during a tricky time is the key.

4. Keep yourself occupied

If you’re someone who overthinks every little detail of the situation and then react to it, keeping your mind occupied will help a lot. You just need to focus on something when the adrenaline builds up. Indulge in some exercises every day. Go for a run every morning or practice tai-chi so that you’re calmer rest of the day. These practices help to wash out of the anxious energy and keep you level-headed.

Furthermore, make a conscious effort to manage your anger. During the times of stress, figure out what ticks you off and focus on controlling your actions when you’re being triggered. Understand yourself and you’ll never let your rage control your life.