This 3-Year-Old Dresses Up As Famous Women And The Reason Will Bring To Tears


It all started when this little 3-year-old girl came to know that her Grandma, whom she lovingly referred to as Nonnie, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was really trying time for Scout’s family, but when Nonnie’s hair started falling, even Scout became concerned, but her mother decided to give her lessons not in grief but in pride and the fighting spirit present in women, and hence this project was born.

The mother and daughter shortlisted the brave women over the centuries, and Scout was given a brief interlude on them, and they went on to select their iconic poses, and this process lasted for a year, and through her Grandmother’s diagnosis, treatment and mastectomy.

1. Nonnie and Scout

Who better to emulate in this battle then her grandmother herself, who had to undergo double mastectomy but now is cancer free.

2. Carrie Fischer and Scout

How can we forget the great (Late)Carrie fisher of the Star Wars fame whose character Princess Leia was considered the epitome of feminism in the Hollywood at the time when inequality was rife.

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3. Malala and Scout

The youngest Nobel laureate ever, the champion for woman education and everything else in between, this is the role model anyone can only dream of emulating.

4. Adele and Scout

The Nightingale of the Isles who gave billboard toppers, one after another, is also a doting mother and a champion of feminism herself.

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5. Frida Kahlo and Scout

Frida Kahlo was an artist of Mexican descent, predominantly known for her self-portraits, and her work has been celebrated by feminists on a global scale for the true and unwavering portrayal of womanhood and expression.

6. Emma Watson and Scout

The effervescent and the really beautiful Emma Watson, who for her portrayal of the fierce and erudite Hermoine Granger is revered by all, and so is for her impassioned speeches for woman equality and rights.

7. Ellen DeGenres and Scout

Ellen DeGeneres, who rose to fame due to her portrayal of a neurotic bookstore owner, Ellen Morgan and has also been the host of “Ellen DeGenres Show”. She is often regarded as the face of LGBTQ movement.

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8. Ellen Page and Scout

the beautiful Ellen Page, who won our hearts with the independent movie Juno and has also starred in X-Men,Inception among others is living inspiration for many because of her stance on topics like Human Rights, LQBTQ among others.

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