22 Signs That You Truly and Heartily Love Your Pet


Love does not exist in between man to man only. Indeed, you can also feel love towards your pet. But how will you know? It is when love speaks the hidden mirror of your healthy heart! It is when love serves as your stepping stone to build a peaceful and happy relationship towards others.

On the other hand, human is the only being that knows how to make promises, decisions, plans, and dreams but they are also the only being that can speak hurtful words, act without care, make bad gestures and wear the worst facial expressions. In contrast, your pet will never betray you in words, actions, gestures nor in facial expressions. Your pet knows how to stand in your life depending on how you treat him/her.

Here are the list of random signs  that you truly and heartily love your pet more than anything else in this world.

1. When your pet holds a special place in your heart.

2. When you share the same food together.


3. When your sick pet makes you feel worried.

4. When you sacrifice everything just for your pet.


5. When you allow your pet to sleep with you.

6. When you want to see your pet right after waking up in the morning.

7. When your pet is your best friend.

8. When you regularly send your pet to a Doctor or Veterinarian.

9. When you build or buy a closet for your pet.

10. When you feed your pet using your hand.

11. When your pet makes you cry at times.

12. When you talk and treat your pet like a baby.

13. When you take an extra care for your pet.

14. When you take selfies with your pet.

15. When you cannot go out without taking your pet with you.

16. When you clothe your pet with the latest fashion trends and looks.

17. When you arrange a party for your pet’s birthday.


18. When you spend more than enough time to your pet.

19. When you make your pet’s house a sanctuary.

20. When you don’t want your pet to be hurt. That’s love!

21. When you share memories together.


22. When you live your life inside their world.


Any additional signs that you love your pet more than anything else? Feel free to write it down in the comment box below!