21 Amazing Photos Taken a Second Before The Inevitable!


Getting the perfect picture is an art and requires nothing less than the perfect balance of light, skill and a keen eye for detail. But imagine, trying to get a picture exactly a second before the action takes place? Here are the 11 coolest pictures you would find on the internet!

1. Going for the Dive!

 2. A last ditch effort

 3. Probably the cutest picture ever












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4. Is it a bullet? is it a pebble? No, it’s a piece of sausage!

 5. But they said there was a pond party!

 6. College parties are just so rad….












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7. And Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

 8. The Catcher in the sky












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9. Soft Kitty, warm kitty, and a little green baloon

 10. Honey, I think it’s over now!

 11. Who knew Camel would be so offended with just one photograph

 12. I’d like an Iced Latte Please!


13. The moment you realise that gravity is against you this time!


14. Honey, the beach came to us!


15. And that kids, was my last ever BMX ride

16. Honey we bought you a flying cake for your 16th!


17. The final second before you realise concerts aren’t for you


18. One second before you realise what life will be with a fractured jaw


19. This is the most common reason for ovinophobia


20. I would like to take a bath, like right now


21. History books will remember it as the beginning of Snow War 1

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