2017’s Most Searched Summer Beauty Fashion and You Should Not Miss It


The summer season surely calls for pampering ourselves. It pushes us to spend some more time with our body and fulfill its beauty needs till the point of satiety. Also nothing gets better than following the latest trends while taking care of ourselves. The internet has everything that you need and this time we have the most searched summer beauty items for you!

Scented Temporary Tattoos

Perfumes are major problems in the summer season. Summer and perfumes are so much of antithesis that they will never agree to work together, even if you buy the most expensive one or you spend your entire day in front of the air conditioner. The idea of scented tattoos is like attaching a perfume bottle on your skin. Via

Quirky Nail Art

What is style? Style is anything which lets you express yourself and yet be confident! This summer go all out with mismatched nail art. Via

Sweat Proof Make-Up

Phew these summers! Even if you just walked out of the bathroom you start sweating. But this is the time of smart work. Sweat proof makeup is all you need to keep that extraordinary look of yours alive all day long. Via

Shoulder Length Hair

This can also be termed as summer haircut. Everyone I have come across looks so adorable that I too feel like chopping my locks and transforming myself. Long hair is really tough to handle in the unbeatable heat. Via

Space Buns

Take my advice if you have not tried them till date then do it right now. If you don’t want to chop your locks then this is a smart alternative. This lets air touch your head and in return keep it cool and keeps you calm as well. There are so many ways to make these buns which will give you a trendy look. Via

Non- Toxic Sunscreens

With the introduction of generic and herbal products, we have left the road of the chemical ones. People this summer have searched a lot about the products which don’t have chemicals in them. UV ray is indeed harmful but fighting smart is the way to go. Via