There are kids that are emotionally sensitive and there are also kids that easily feel happy even in small things. Some kids also easily feel in love to something and they tend to keep this feeling as they grow. Further, they are the main reason why there is  so-called family. Kids do need family. They need parents who can take care them and teach them about life. On the other hand, the source of parent’s happiness is their children. Let us see in this article the 20 kid’s reactions that is 100% infectious. All photos were taken from and this article does not advertise any of these GIFs.


1. A kid’s reaction when he feel amazed

That's it! You like the surroundings, don't you?
Mom, the surrounding is so beautiful!


2. A kid’s reaction after she whirl in front of a camera

I wish I could go back in my childhood!
Mom, watch me!


3. A kid’s reaction about his ride

Real happiness is seen in his reaction.
Mom, I am excited!


4. A kid’s reaction when he touch the TV screen

Whoaa! Mom, I did not open it!
Whoaa! Mom, I did not open it!


5. A kid’s reaction while looking for something in the ground

Look here! Look there! Sooner, you will find it.
Mom, did you see that? I cannot found it!


6. A kid’s reaction when someone is making fun of her

Please, stop! I don't want fight!
Please, stop! I don’t want fight!


7. A kid’s reaction when he is in a roller coaster

This was my very first reaction when I rode to a roller coaster.
Mom, I will never ride a roller coaster again!


8. A kid’s reaction when water comes out in a faucet

Have you ever did that when you're a child?
Mom, I want to take a bath!


9. A kid’s reaction when the garage door slowly opens up

That reaction of a child reveals the he is amazed.
Mom, I am amazed!


10. A kid’s reaction as he drink his milk

He is really creative.
Mom, look! I am creative!


11. A kid’s reaction when  it’s their Pajama day at school

Memories is at the distance. It makes me crave for another chance to go back.
Mom, it’s Pajama day!


12. A kid’s reaction when his favorite sport team won

That is a normal reaction of everyone when they are cheering.
Yeheey! They won! They won!


13. A kid’s reaction when she is surprised

When were young, is this also your reaction if were surprised?
Mom, I am surprised!


14. A kid’s reaction after his dramatic exposition

Even if it hurts, he still managed to smile infront of a camera.
Mom, I stumbled but I still smiled in front of the camera.


15. A kid’s reaction when he cheers to his favorite sport team

Cheer is also a dance? See the child!
Mom, I am cheering my idol!


16. A kid’s reaction when he dislikes something

Shaking your head is a way of answering too.
Mom, I don’t like that!


17. A kid’s reaction when it is his first time to touch a worm-clay toy

What is that?
Mom, what is this?


18. A kid’s reaction while she is dancing ballet

Mom, I know how to dance!


19. A kid’s reaction when a butterfly perched in his nose

kid's reactions
Mom, a butterfly perched on my nose!


20. A kid’s reaction when a non-human creature run after him

kid's reactions
Mom, help me!

Kid’s reactions will make us feel good. When we are stressed, kids do wipe them away. When we are sad, kids do fill our heart with happiness. Therefore, kids are blessings that cannot be bought by anyone else. As always, we love seeing different types of kid’s reactions.