20 Hotel Fails Will Make You Laugh And Scratch Your Head At The Same Time


People’s expectations from the hotels are too high and they think what the hotel serves in the brochures is what they will get in real but sadly the reality is quite disappointing at times.

And, today we compiled pictures showing some of the funniest hotel fails which added in the kitty of the worst experiences of many.

  1. Hotel Rules Of China

2. Check The Room Before Sharing

3. Someone Switched On The Lights Of Hotel Room And Looked Up

4. Where’s The Vent?

5. Common Door Between Closet And Washroom

6. Level Of Complications 

7. LOL! Being A Frequent Traveller Man Got This

8. Brillant Interior Designer 

9. This Is Only For Superman

 10. Are They Fool?


11. Hotel Is Hot Now

12. Eww…

13. This Hotel Is Very… Accommodating

14. This really easy password.


15. But, Where?

16. You’ll Hit Your Head

17. Reason Why Toilet Is Not Working

18. Hotel Gave This Sage Advice 


19. What A Management 


20. You Will Need A Ladder To Get To The Fridge

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