20 Most Hilarious Texts Between Parents And Their Children!!

hilarious texts

As the people of the Generation Z, we never assume how difficult it might be for our parents to use the technology we do at the click of a second. But sometimes, their texts end up being so cute and terrifically humorous, you can’t help but hug the winds out of them. I had tears in my eyes due to laughing after reading them and I’m sure, you’ll also ROFL!
Here are some hilarious texts between children and their parents and they are cute and funny at the same time.

1. The Sarcastic Dad
hilarious texts

Funny, yes! We all would have been utterly lucky to have such sarcastic parents and make dinner time super fun!

2. Super cool Mommies!hilarious texts

Well, this parent believes in the fact that all work and no play makes Jack dumb; well seriously! Ah, the kind of reaction we always expected from our parents! If only!

3. The ‘I need to chill’ Mommyhilarious texts

When you are done adult-ing with your kids and want some ‘me’ time. This mom sure had some ‘me’ time, eh!

4. My Dad is obsessed with lightly fried fish filletshilarious texts

Well, lightly fried fish fillets at 1:15 in the morning! So cool Dad, SO COOOL!

5. Should eye say more? hilarious texts

Mom sure knows how to deal with her kid’s contact needs in the right stride!

6. Dad likes to Party!!hilarious texts

*Calls Dad to look at the awesome level of this Dad with glistening eyes*

7. My dad is afraid of my Momhilarious texts

Oh, the fear on Mom strikes hard. the wrath does not even spare Dad. :’)

8. *Teaches her to use the phone*hilarious texts

We love how cute Mom’s can be when they are learning to be tech savvy. Way to go, Mommy!

9. Obey me, Son!hilarious texts

The next time your Mom texts you something as an instruction, work on it.

10. Oh, you really don’t want to eat?hilarious texts

“You just ate? No food for you. Rather, no crisp, golden brown, crackling turkey for you, son.” haha

11. K. LYhilarious texts

We love communicating in lingos. Only if, our Mom’s understood. Oh Mom, why do you have to so cute? <3

12. Uh-oh Momhilarious texts

Speaking of lingos, this will never get old. I remember my own Mom doing this once. :”)

13. I hope they only go to Disneyhilarious texts

Typos! Dear DEAR typos! Making us figure things out since forever.

14. Awwwwwwhilarious texts

Aww! We wish all parents supported their children who wanted to come out! * sob sob*

15. Imma find you a man, gurlhilarious texts

“Because honey, if it were for you, you couldn’t find a man in 100 years. You’re welcome.” 🙂

16. #LearntIthilarious texts

Hashtag havin’ fun with the son, yo. #CoolMom

17. Mom..wait..no..click….yes it’s great!hilarious texts

Uhm, Mom? You had to… never mind! <3 U da best!

18. Huehuehueehilarious texts

I’ve also heard it connoting to ‘Welcome to Facebook’. Huehuehuee *devils laugh*

19. You don’t STOP, Son

For all the over protective Mama’s out there! *Next time, text mom: Reached home*

20. Oh, Mama Bearhilarious texts

Aw, Mama Bear! Yes yes, I would take that for a chocolate chip, you’re so cute! <3