These 20 Hidden Tattoos Ideas Are Oh-So-Subtle To Satisfy Your Tattoo Craving


“The World is divided by culture and religion and united by ink”(Here ink we mean inking tattoo)

You must not have given it a thought this way. But, Yes, tattoos unite the whole world together like Indians having a tattoo of Eiffel tower and on the other hand foreigners inspired by Sanskrit words. The pleasure of getting inked can be felt by only the ones who have got inked. This is pleasure through pain. You might even fall ill after getting a tattoo but after you get it you rock it!

Don’t worry! If you’re the one who still searching for the idea of your first tattoo then there’s some hidden place which can fulfil all your desire.

Take a look at 20 hidden tattoos idea:

1. Buddhist Enlightenment Symbol


2. One Ear in Paris


3. Empowering Yoga Pose


4. Waving

o•cean ('ōSHen) The endless part of yourself you never knew but always suspects was there. 🌊💕

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5. Elegant Foliage

6. Semicolon With a Twist


7. Crossbones

8. Little Reminder


9. Positive Quotes

You only see it when I want to show it… #loveputthelifeinmylove #tattoo #hiddentattoos

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10. Baby Blooms

11. Hip Quotes


12. Hidden Hearts

New ink, and a heart full of gold. ❤️🌹 #smalltattoos #ink #heart #sideboobtattoo #sideboob #tattoo

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13. Lightning Bolt


14. Tiny Arrow

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15. Nautical Symbols


16. Peek-a-Bouquet


17. Blooming Rose


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18. Peter Pan

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19. Flower Bouquet


20. Hidden Cat



So, guys go and get inked because “Home is where your ink is”