20 Definite Signs That You’re A Design Geek!


We all have an inner designer in ourselves, but some of us are a have a whole different view of the universe. For this reason that we have compiled a list of signs that tell you you’re undoubtedly a designer (or you’re destined to be one)!

1. You get incomparably excited and delighted by new stationery or art supplies! 

giphy It really is the perfect gift for any occasion.


2. Bad fonts make you quiver with anger and disgust. (Nooooo!)



You’re the kinds to judge every restaurant menu based on their fonts.


3.  As a designer, you’re easily annoyed by kerning mistakes.


giphy (4)

Really! How difficult is it to get the spacing right?


4.  You’re the one to know the difference between a burgundy and wine.




Ever heard of Pantone colors?


5. You have a dedicated drive to fonts, templates and design files which fill up your storage.



New font? Must download!


6. You’re always telling people about the hidden design meanings in corporate logos!



Did you know amazon has an arrow going from a to z to point that they sell everything?


7. Your YouTube history mostly consists of  Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials.




This is your screen, most of the times.


8. You know what the K stands for in CMYK.



And you also know why it’s called the same.


9. The feeling when you run your hands on fresh paper and newly printed items.




Them feels!


10. You’re very familiar with ‘1/8 of an inch’ and how annoying it can get,



giphy (8)

Why god! Why?


11. You get absolutely delighted when Pantone announces a new color.




Did you hear about the Minion Yellow 😀


12. You love your laptop more than you love people.



giphy (7)

Please handle my baby with care.


13. You shamelessly browse Pinterest when you’re out of ideas.




It’s alright, we’ve all done that 😛


14. You have a favorite shade of black.




Come on, I mean there is rich black, warm black, RGB Black.


15. You’re officially tired of software updates



Again? But I just got this yesterday!


16. You don’t have any fixed office hours.



You’re up till 3 A.M because you just you had the most brilliant idea ever just before bed.


17. FinalOne.psd , FINALTWO.psd , FinallyFinal.psd, SWEARTHISISFINAL.psd, ICANTEVENFINAL.psd



Yes, we never learn! (Them file names)


18. You can spend hours staring at the same design and then shift it only 2 mm to the left.



giphy (9)


Voila ! Now it’s perfect.


19. You get unnaturally aroused when things are arranged according to colour.





Just look at this! *Drools*


20. Lastly, you have uber cool taste in everything and anything that you do



giphy (6)


Yay you!