2 Years Old Kids Are Now Taking Coaching Classes To Clear Nursery Admissions


One of the best and critical dialogues delivered by one of our actors in Bollywood is the one from ‘3 Idiots’ which goes like, ‘Life is a race … if you don’t run fast … you will be like a broken undaa’. Things are going just exactly like that in the midst to get kids enrolled in nursery classes.

And it’s not that these coaching classes are working as a charity. Parents are indeed splashing ‘lakhs’ of money for such classes. It’s an amount equivalent to the one that they spend for preparing their kids for Engineering or Medical. And it’s not like the practice of sending their kids for coaching classes has started recently. It’s has been going on for many years. But the bottom line is, it’s illegal to send your small kids for such coaching classes at such a tender age.

Now let me give you a brief idea about how such coaching classes are conducted.

  1. The advertisement of such coaching classes are not shown in public but are rather carried out under radars.  Teachers don’t advertise about themselves in public, but a lot of people know about them, hence this makes their demand more.
  2. One of the best ways to identify such teachers is by cracking down their ‘codes’. Usually, they call such classes as ‘G.K Classes’ or ‘Conversation Classes’.

No matter what kind of names you put in for such classes, you just can’t ignore the fact that it creates a lot of pressure and stress on kids. Parents may look at it as a light ‘brain exercise’ but they need to focus on the learning capability of their kids.

The reason why parents are spending ‘lakhs’ for such shallow coaching classes is because they don’t get to select the teacher, but it’s the teacher who gets to select his/her students who he or she is willing to ‘train’. They usually pick 12 kids to train them for the interview. What is more interesting is the fact that these teachers claim a 100% guarantee admission in schools like Cathedral and John Connon.

But if one goes by the guidelines laid by our Government, it is illegal to interview kids as part of their admission process. But such notorious school administrations have stepped up their game by calling such interviews as ‘Child Interaction Sessions’  or ‘Child Observation Sessions’.

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