19 Memes reflecting the plight of Engineering Students!

Image Source- Wonderful Engineering

Engineering is hard, and no engineer would ever deny that. Waking up 5 minutes before the lecture and still being able to hit the classes, then hear your lecturers that boring 60-year-old professors drill into your brain, to the infinite number of labs, tutorials, projects and whatnot. Also, Engineers are also the most trolled people on the internet and no stones are left unturned to mock them. Also, I belong to the same brigade, and I like a good laugh. Here are the best of the few I found online-

1. This escalated quickly!


2. I too was scammed once

3. Me after four years in college


4. Enough Said!

6. Only Mechanical and Civil kids will understand

7. Bracing myself for the worst

8. Almost, alwaysEngineering

9. Game of Matlab, releasing everywhere since 2001


10. Sometimes, it’s even worse

11. Real Story behind every engineering student

12. I don’t always dress up, but when I do, I look like Nawazuddin Siddique


13. I can do this; I can do this, I definitely can’t do this


14. I know, I am that smart!


15. I too am a CEO

16. I do this every semester


17. Go like a boy, return like Bahuballi

18. It’s all about hope

19. I get a lot of assignments each year, and I do them exactly in this manner