19 Funny and Weird Shop Names From Over the World

funny store names

When you should open a shop, naming the shop is a big challenge. The store name should catchy and describe the product in an interesting way. Here is a list of 20 weird shop names which will make you wonder if it really does exist. On the other side, the names have become popular enough to have gained enough and more of attention.

  1. Thai Tanic – Right name for a Thailand Cuisine Shop

Weirdly named stores

Wonder what would be sinking in the shop?

2. Servix

Great name for a service store funny

Shop looks like related to cars but the name is more like a women’s store.

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3. Fuckoffee
funny shop names

That’s a one of the weird shop names.

4. The Athlete’s Foot
Weirdly named shops

A little of fungus is good for a shop…

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5. Anus Store Weirdly named shops

Yuck!! That is gross.

6. Doggie Styles
Weirdly funny named stores

Probably the store owner was not aware of the other doggie styles.

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7. Lick-A-Chick
Weirdly named stores

The lady would be scared to take her guy to this shop.

8. Hand job Nails & Spa Weirdly named stores

That was a great name for a ‘Body’ massage shop.

9. Butt Markt
Weirdly named stores

Guys would probably queue up here.

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10. Pussy Cleaners
Weirdly named stores

Wonder if there was some word before the shop name. Either way, not a great name for a dry cleaning store.

11. Morning Wood
Weirdly named stores

Funny designer furniture store name but forgot the other implication.

12. Feck Off
funny shop names

The store name is welcoming or asking you to just **** Off.

13. MegaFlicks
Funny store names

The store owner name it right, but the error happened in the store board. Who would read it Megaflicks?

14. Ass Hair Salon
weird parlor names

The salon was spotted in China and have become popular ever since.

15. Gay Travels
Weirdly named stores

That’s in Chennai, India and the owner probably meant Happy Travels. A word change can make it so judgmental.

16. Butt Toy World

Weirdly named stores

Not a good place to take your child to buy toys. Wonder what you may find there.

17. Crapbooks

funny neon fails

This is one of those funny neon sign fails where Scrapbooks was turned to Crapbooks.

18. Herpes Pizza
Weirdly named stores

Who would dare buy a pizza from here?

19. Bam’s Pussies & Bitches

Weirdly named stores

Bam seems to be a rather hardcore person.

We come across many such funny and hilarious shop names. Click a picture and post it here, let others also have a laugh.