18 Funniest Lies That Every Indian Girl Makes


I am a Filipina (living in the Philippines) and I love mingling with different races of people like Indians, Ukrainians, Americans, Korean, Chinese and much more. And I can say that it is not easy to deal with them. However, I came to the point of adjusting our differences so that I can be able to understand their culture, the society they lived in. In this article, I will share to you the 18 funniest lies that every Indian girl makes. Some information included here are based on published blogs, YouTube blogs, and comments of online users.

I Chased their culture. I Jumped to the Highest Point of Beliefs. And I Am Happy Because I was able to experience living inside their world.

I have met a lot of Indian women and they are really good in pretending and covering up their REAL feelings, REAL thoughts, REAL wants and REAL them. Most often, they didn’t mean what they say. They just want to put themselves in a safe place away from other’s judgment.

1. “I am not stalking at someone’s Facebook account! Shut up!”


This is usually what you will hear from an Indian girl who is caught checking other’s account online.


2. “I love cooking and I am great on it! Just tell what do you want me to cook. I will cook it for you.”

Even if she knows that she is not good in cooking, she will not tell the truth especially if the one who asks is the mother of his boyfriend. She will try to pretend like she knows everything in cooking.


3. “I do not care what she thinks about me!”

She will not show to you that she is badly affected by what someone said or did against her.


4. I did not study at all.” (she will shrug)

This is the best lie of an Indian woman. In effect, she will be going to mislead her classmates not to study.


5. “I do not occasionally drink alcohol!”

Don’t believe her. She is the best gulper of wine in the party.


6. “I cannot go to the temple. I am having my monthly period.”

Is she lazy to go to the temple? She will make excuses such as this!


7. “I will be studying with my friend in their house.”

Conservative parents strictly implement rules and regulations that their children should follow. If an Indian woman wants to go out with her boyfriend or friends,  this is what she will be going to tell to her parents.

8. “I am not wearing contact lenses! This color?? That’s natural!”

Even if it is obvious that she used contact lenses, she will insist that she did not put any contact lenses in her eyes.


9. “Hahaha. Work out? Diet? No, I never do these things!”

She will deny that she is doing work-out or having a diet. But the truth is she does it every day.


10. “I did not receive any message from you!” or “I’m busy.” (bow her head, pretending that she is guilty)

This is a lie of an Indian girl who is not interested in you and she wants to avoid you. It is just that she does not have the courage to tell you about it on face to face.


11. “I am fine.”

An Indian girl who is upset or hurt will tell you that she is fine even if it is really not.

12. “Bollywood??? Ewww!!!”

She maybe a fan of “One Direction” or “Katty Perry”, there are still times that she goes back admiring the Bollywood dances and songs. Sometimes, you will catch her singing desi item numbers.


13. “Short dress? Eww… I do not wear those clothes!”

This is her way to show that she does not care about wearing short dresses. But in reality, her mind is curious about it.


14. “He is not my boyfriend! He is just nobody! I mean, a friend!!”

She does not want her relationship status to be in public. Sometimes, this is a lie of an Indian girl who wants to safe herself from her parent’s doubts and accusations.


15. “I did not use make-up!! I only use lip gloss!”

You have to learn how to distinguish a face with and without make-up. If you do, you will know if she is telling a lie or not.


16. “I don’t cry!”

She is afraid of exposing her hurts and heartaches to others. And she will tell you this statement face to face. But once she turns her back to you, her tears will flow on her cheeks. Moreover, she cries when no one is with her.


17. Who watch the saas bahu serials?

She already watched the movie more than once!


18. “I’m not that kind of person, huh!”

Indian girl

She does not want to entertain any comments about her even if the comments are true.

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