16 Hilarious Photoshoots That The Celebs Would Feel Sick After Looking


90’s was that time in the history when everything was in trend. It was then when fashion got its glowing wings. Out of the urge for fashion and the glamor of stardom, celebs photo shoots were awaited by fans world over. Here are some of the 90’s photo shoots which the celebrities will never forget and they would dread to see these pictures.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

    As shabby as it can be and wonder if she was going to sit on a bottle.

  2. Ryan Gosling

    Is that his blanket or blending with a wallpaper.

  3. Sandra Bullock

    Nice laugh for the day baby. You are gonna laugh the rest of your life seeing this.

  4. Madonna

    Seriously? Was snacking on a live goldfish was a great idea for the photoshoot?

  5. Leonardo Di Caprio

    Was the photographer making a mockery of him and he never knew about it?

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  6. Jennifer Lopez

    The angel in lube. The idea of the nipple peep was good in one way or the other.

  7. Jennifer Garner

    Is that a pose or a candid one? Would bring back nostalgic memories probably while being a goodie good housewife.

  8. Jennifer Anniston

    What an expression? But what would have been the reason for this?

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  9. Jessica Simpson

    Was she caught up in an orange asylum? And great fashion sense indeed. Wondering what made her open a fashion brand?

  10. Eric Bana

    You should be knowing him. A flowery picture of the mighty Hulk.

  11. David Duchovny

    I guess, the whole idea was to show how the FBI agent Fox Mulder could balance flawlessly on a giant yoga ball.

  12. Salma Hayek

    The former model went wrong somewhere while creating the business chic look.

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  13. Christina Aguilera

    The idea in a retro pop look is commendable but what’s that on the head and the gloves!!!

  14. Destiny’s Child

    Probably they got an Indian Saree and cut it down to create these clothes. Cheap and effective ideas indeed.

  15.  Justin Timberlake with Nsync

    The Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake looks more like Snoopy of Tintin.

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  16. Angelina Jolie

    The most beautiful woman of the world, in her blues.

After all, that’s how it used to be in the nineties and celebs photo shoots took in the essence of the 90s.