16 Most Common Lies All Moms Have Told Their Kids


Being a mom is not easy then how it looks. If you’re a mom, you know how much it’s difficult to go along with kids. In many instances you might have wished to be a superwoman to settle up everything or tried to calm them down with tons of lies. Well, you’re not alone to go through the craziest feelings of life, there are others too who shares the mutual feelings.

In recent Reddit posts, moms and children are seen sharing epic incidents of lies that a mom tells their kids to calm them down. Have a look!

1. “If you tell me the truth, you won’t get in trouble.” — guile20


And somehow, most of the time kids fall for this one.


2. “Maybe.” — RoShamBoU4It

This universal mom code are like, Yes means maybe, maybe means no, and no means definitely not.


3. “You can have X when you’re Y years old.” — WelshmanJones

One good way to putt off whatever it is your child demands. Plus when you say it with a bit harsh voice it almost immediately shuts them down.


4. “We can do that later.” — flyingfingers

That later might come ever! Moms are usually seen busy with their household or other stuff, so, they will say let’s do it later but later they forget the deal.


5. “We are leaving the house in five minutes!” — Prydwen19

5. "I don't know what happened to that loud obnoxious toy you love to play with every waking moment."

When I was kid this excuse always used to pissed me off. The fact is, getting ready in 5 mins is one of the biggest white lies you will always get to hear.


6. “Change out of that wet bathing suit or you’ll get diarrhea.” — plausible

6. "Change out of that wet bathing suit or you'll get diarrhea."In other words, “Don’t you dare to sit wet behind on Mommy’s brand-new sofa.


. 7. “We have that at home.” — its_sizzle

3. "I'll only be 5 minutes."

we already got this at home no more extra buying!


8. “I don’t want the last piece, take it!” — JohnDarwin89

9. "I don't want the last piece, take it!"

Even if you would like to have the last peices you won’t have it; just to see your kids extra smile, you will ask them to have it.


9. “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” — not1smartass

4. "I'd never do [insert reckless behavior from your youth]."

Moms are way stronger than they ever get credit for.


10.  “I’ll think about it.” — cookingismything

Translation: Are you kidding me?

Which of these lies you use with your kids? Do you have any other ways to trick them? Please SHARE with us then.