15 Tweets By Shahrukh Khan Shows He Is The King Of Sarcasm Ruling Over Twitter


Shah Rukh Khan is the evergreen men who since my childhood to till always defines the definition of love i.e. you can’t forget the romance of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.’

But, the King of Bollywood is also known for his sense of humor, wit, and sarcasm and as a proof, you can take his interview quotes and twitter feeds.

If you still are not convinced then read out these 15 tweets which tickled our funny bones with hilarious replies!

1. This response is so digitalized!

2. Kickass answer when someone asked for his mobile number!

3. Oh! My My!

4. Wit is the secret of his energy!

5. He can be a good science teacher 

6. In love with his dimple 

7. Oh! That burn!

8. We already believed Shah Rukh!

9. And he is the master in it!

10.When someone asked if he uses Snapchat or not.

11. Amusing, it is!

12. I never mind this friendship offer!

13. OMG! Is Gauri know about his Mexican Wife?

14. Bhai-Bhai!

15. Srk’s Brexit take!

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