These 15 Overwhelming Facts Prove That You’ve Been Lied To Your Whole Life


You probably heard the green gummy bears which we used to eat in our childhood is raw mango flavoured, but it turns out as the 100% false fact. Yes, you read it right here! Green Gummy Bears are strawberry-flavored not a fresh mango one.

These 15 falsehoods will change the way you think-

So, check it out fast!

1. Whatttt……………


2. And here this green gummy bears which are strawberry-flavored.


3. The editing is flawless



4. I wouldn’t address my friend as a bae now


5. OMG! This is the right way.


6. WTF!


7. This man paints the grass green.


8. Pineapples grow not on trees but in the ground 


9. We are pronouncing Nutella wrong


10. Toad is wearing a hat, he is not a walking mushroom


11. This is the correct way to wear earphones.


12. Green Ninjas do the hair-flipping in every hair commercials, it’s not the natural.


13. These guys made a pavement means it was not separated stone.


14. Really???


15. James and Oliver Phelps don’t have ginger hair.



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