15 Habits That Perfectly Ruin Your Happiness


There is no force in this entire universe that pushes you to do anything. The most powerful weapon is our inner self or one’s will power. Our outlook towards things not only defines one’s personality but it is a key to our actions. Think positive and positive will happen; think negative and you will soon find negativity knock your door. These are 15 such habits which might stop happiness come near you.

  1. Not loving oneself

    Love yourself and love your body because that is what keeps you going, right? Pamper yourself and treat yourself as a queen or king and then see the magic of being happy. Via

  2. Grumbling

    Nagging about things or how complicated your life is, will only make you a person that everyone would like to avoid. If you only think about what is going wrong in your life then when will you acknowledge the right things? Vi

  3. Criticizing

    No one is perfect and no one can do perfect things. Proving yourself superior and pointing out mistakes in other’s work is not a good practice. What is the guarantee that you will be able to excel? Via

  4. Staying unhygienic

    A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Being unhealthy only leads to the production of negativity in your life. Via

  5. Staying involved in work more than required

    You cannot keep piling the sadness because there will be a point when the gates of your sadness pile will burst open and then they will have a one on one with you. Via

  6. Not able to balance life

    Taking more responsibilities and staking your personal and professional life is not good. Do a number of things with which you are cent percent confident that you can do it with ease. Challenges are good but taking challenges everyday is not good for your own self. Via

  7. Thinking narrow-mindedly

    Open up your horizon. Meet people who think positively and who work dedicattedly to achieve their goals. The world is much more than what you think of it as. Via

  8. Sticking to the past

    As great people have already said that take your past as the best learning experience of your life and don’t let is ruin your present. What happened is history now and today you should work to create history. Via

  9. Wasting time

    Trying to manage things and then, in the end, end up doing nothing is absolutely not good for you. Do things one by one that you are able to give proper time to everything you do. Be it watching a movie with your loved one or doing some official work. Via

  10. Being materialistic

    The World is full of illusions. If you get trapped in this web then you will have to face hardships. Via

  11. Let your fears overcome you

    Think that the unachievable is also achievable if you work hard. How can you taste failure even before trying? Via

  12. Living a life of illusion

    Posting about happy times on your social media account and then, in the end, sleeping alone and feeling lonely. Is this too your story then figure out that living a happening life is an illusion this only happens in scripts. Via

  13. Thinking negative

    Every coin has two sides and so does every situation too! Via

  14. Not being confident of oneself

    Be confident about yourself. I have come across many girls who are extremely beautiful but they are always conscious about how they look. Trust me, if you are confident about yourself then you can manage to cast a magical spell in your PJs as well. Via

  15. Trying to be perfect in this imperfect world

    You are a human with no artificial intelligence and you do things according to your level of understanding and if in case it goes wrong then find the right way and start over it again. You will learn only after you do something. Via