15 Great Harry Potter Charts That Only Potterheads Will Understand


More than half of the people would have seen Harry Potter movies or read the books. But there are many out there who would have watched the movie for the umpteenth time and even remember every single scene of the movie. Are you of that category who lives the magical life of Harry Potter every time you read the book or watch the movie? If yes, then you can read on to look at some of the hilarious and emotional Harry Potter charts. So, ‘Potterheads’ go on and relate these charts.
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1. Story and Essence of Love as Taught by Severus Snape

Severus Snape Chart

The lesson of never ending true love as said by Snape.

2. The hotness chart

Most Handsome Chart - Harry Potter

The Hottest Harry Potter Character is that of Severus Snape Who has Kept his cool all through the series.
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3. Been there ? Seen these?

favorite Hogwarts Wizardry World Snacks

Only a die-hard Harry Potter fan will know about these exquisite snacks. Other can keep wondering what in the world are ‘Chocolate Frogs’.

4. Chart of magical objects

Magical Objects of Harry Potter Chart

The whole list of the magical items of the Wizardry world. This Harry Potter chart will be of use to a new Potterhead and a priced asset of a die hard Potter fan.

5. Know who you are based on the character descriptions chart.

Harry Potter- Know your Related Character

I match with Ginny Weasley. Who did you match with?

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6. Complex chart of Harry Potter spells for quick use.

Harry Potter Spells you should know

Your quick look-book for the Hogwarts spells to be used in an emergency situation.

7. Celebrating Harry Potter success.

Harry Potter multibillion dollar empire full infographic

Some monetary facts to rejoice over the success of Harry Potter movies and books.
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8. Harry Potter Mood Faces

Harry Potter mood chart

Which is your face?

9. What is a Potterhead without an edition of Daily Prophet.

Harry Potter facts and numbers

Chart with some interesting Harry Potter Books facts well assembled on the Daily Prophet.
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10. Only the right motion of the wand can invoke the spell.

Chart Harry Potter wand motions

It is not very easy to be a wizard. Each spell has its specific wand motion.

11. J.K Rowling fan emotion chart

Feelings-toward JK Rowling over the course of the seriesThe readers’ emotions towards each book was directed at J.K Rowling and the social media and the website reviews were loaded with these emotions.

12. That’s a hilarious sarcasm on Harry Potter series and Voldemort’s intentions

Lord Voldemort Sarcastic Chart

This pie chart is a comical outlook into what Voldemort does when he wants to kill Harry. Why actually did Voldemort want to kill Harry? Probably the answer lies in the Prophecy by Miss Trelawney, “either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives”. 

13. Harry Potter spell popularity

Popular Harry Potter Spells Chart

Which spells do you remember? Expelliarmus  is the one that almost killed Voldemort. And yes, not to forget Expecto Patronum which is the only charm against the Dementors. Harry’s patronus charm was the silver deer, so what is yours?

14. Know your Hogwarts house

Know your Hogwarts House

The sorting hat does the job or putting you in the particular house and your sorting chart is a must add on to your room walls.