15 Dog Tweets that will make you laugh and simultaneously cry!


All of us love the constant stream of adorable dog photos and videos we can watch online. Every day, there would be a steady flood of dogs doing cute stuff, and we will be all googly eyed, and would also hope for a similar ball of fur whom we could shower our love, play with and share adorable pictures on the social media!

But what about the other side of the coin? Caring for dogs is usually as difficult as caring for a child. There are constant trips to the vet, the regular cleaning the dog requires, feeding etc. Here we get you the best of Twitter in response to the other side.

1. I hate that person already

2. There are dogs, and then there are dogs who respond to phone calls

3. The One-Sided relationships are hard, tough

4. Dogs need to learn how to use the loo

5. The I told you so paradigm

6. My dog has staring issues

7. Sometimes, I lie for my dog

8. The dog with hidden and weird talents

9. I thought at least the love was right

10. #priorities

11. Family isn’t a hobby

12. That’s just gross

13. I need such humans in my life too

14. I bet you didn’t know dogs had diarrhea too

15. Am I a cat know?!