14 Subtle 3 Words Tales That Will Touch Your Soul


Some can break your heart, some might give you goosebumps while some can elate you. These three-word tales are compiled by Feedfad to given you an experience of an emotional rollercoaster.

#1. The falling world is now falling in the right place again
#2. Because he means the world

#3. The tremendous pain is worth now

#4. The most anticipated news of the month

#5. This message can sort out everything

#6. After all the nagging finally, it is happening

#7. The double bundle of joy

#8. Depends if she is your wife or your girlfriend

#9. Infront of this everything is small

#10. The mysticism of the the supreme power

#11. I term this as the invisible power fuel

#12. She became his good habit

#13. Her smile was his chotu recharge

#14. Some relationships cannot be explained