13 Bizarre Facts About China That Will Make You Say ‘How Crazy!’


China is a huge, overwhelming, and totally captivating country to be in right now. It seems to be a mixture of unfamiliar old traditions and new developments, many of which are equally as bizarre.

Here, we’ve put together some of the extraordinary and unknown facts about this marvelous country. Read them to know just how different China actually is.

#1. Some Chinese police use geese in lieu of police dogs.

According to the Chinese authorities, geese have a great vision and can be assertive, making them good replacements for a police dog.

geese-1116175_960_720 (1)

#2. You can’t have kids until the government approves.

Married Chinese couples have to apply for and be consented for a Family Planning Certificate three months prior to pregnancy.



#3. China has a festival devoted to eating dogs.

According to Chinese customs, eating dog meat restores internal heat and brings good luck.

china dog

#4. You can appoint someone to help you avoid traffic in China

If you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam in China, there are services you can avail which send someone on a motorcycle to pick you – along with someone to sit in your car and wait.


#5. Around 35 million Chinese people still stay in caves.

In his book “Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train through China”, Paul Theroux quotes,” There is no government program to remove these troglodytes, but there is a scheme to give them better caves. It seemed to me a kind of lateral thinking. Why rehouse or resettle these cave-dwellers? The logical solution was to improve their caves. That was very Chinese.”


#6. Women have to rest for a month post delivery

Similar to other East Asian countries, mothers in China are inspired to stay on bed rest for 30 days after delivering a baby. This time is thought to be reconstructive for the mother’s body and womb. Heartwarming!! Isn’t it??


#7. Chinese death rates by execution is four times soaring than anywhere else in the world.


chinese death rate

#8. Tens of thousands of girl babies are deserted and more than a million aborted each year in the quest of raising a boy.

Image courtesy - www.telegraph.co.uk

#9. Because virginity is highly valued among females, they can pay up to $700 to have their hymens repaired.


#10. China’s air pollution is so awful that it moves across the Pacific and pollutes San Francisco, adding to more than one third of the city’s air pollution.

air pollution

#11. While instructing new soldiers to keep their chins up no matter what, a small, but very spiky pin is positioned facing upwards through their collars.

soldier pins

#12. In order to ensure consistent arm height while marching, soldiers in China are trained to march with their arms wired and attached to poles.


#13. Chinese researchers wear panda suits to fool cubs.

In order to take care of panda cubs and introduce them to the wild, researchers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda dress up in panda suits so that the cubs don’t feel threatened.


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