12 Online Shopping Disappointments That Will Crack You Up

online shopping fails

In this era of online shopping, almost all of us have faced disappointments. You order the “wow dress” and when it arrives, the product is completely different from what you have been dreaming about all the while. These grumblings are a notification of why you should read those specifications in small size.

Look at these twitter posts by the furious customer who have received scary versions to pleasant looking stuff.

  1. A Great Dealonline shopping fails

    Nick was in for a great deal. He did not realise that he would be ending up with 8 packets of carrots instead of 8 carrots.

  2. Father’s Shoes

    online shopping disappoints Yes, that was for his father. Wonder what his dad with this teeny-weeny shoe.

  3. Happier Comes From With In Your Hear

    online shopping disappointsRebecca will never dare to take this purse anywhere. The embarrassment that will follow will be awful.

  4. Makeup?

    online shopping fails

    What relation does this have with the real order of the make-up? This creepy consignment was probably a wrong shipment.
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  5. Hide your Curves

    expected vs reality online shopping

    Wondering how many dollars she paid for the dress? Me too.

  6. Cute and Sexy Night Gown

    online shopping fail

    Was it gifted by her husband? Probably would been the reason for a row between husband and wife.

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  7. Crochet bikini top

    online shopping

    The bikini suit must have been ordered by the teenage girl with great expectations. The result was probably not even fit for the cat.

  8. The Gumball Machine

    gumball miniature shopping fail

    Kaylii’s mom would have been shocked to see this gumball machine.

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  9. Unhappy dog

    dog online shopping failThe makers had probably missed the fact that one size does not fit all dogs.

  10. Rug for Mom

    adam hess rug shoppingAdam Hess tweeted his experience and it was a big hit. Other people also realised that they should be checking the size while placing the order.

  11. Wolf Tail Mishap

    furtail work dress mishap

    Kelly was rather optimistic when she ordered the fur wolf tail to go along with her fancy dress costume. But they hadn’t specified how to use it and turned out to be one of the major online shopping disappointments.

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  12. Pocket Size TV Stand

    Online shopping disappointments

    There have been several incidents of people receiving miniatures and doll house accessories instead of the life-sized article. The mistake is mostly that of customer who does not check the product dimensions.